Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Winter Popy...

This rarely seen by me flower, in it's pink, red, orange, yellow & white radiant blooms are just downright inspiring in the leafless days of winter. It handles the freezing ice storms, the 85 degree days, the gray no sun days and the bright sun just draws them out like a magnet. pic credits:

This is such a beautiful flower to meditate on. These are also called the 'field or corn' poppy. One can gaze for many minutes on the fuzzy stems, the fuzzy flower casings that hold the unopened flower; the many forms of the petal in tight, wide, new and old stages. The multi -colored centers, with goodies for bees. Observing them waving at you in the gentle breezes or the strong winds. I think these would be wonderful flowers to decorate with. I have never heard of them used for essential or infused oils for healing, but everyone has heard of the derivatives that are used world wide both legally, and not so, for pain relief.
I don't know where all they will grow, but they do very well here in Dallas, TX and they are worth puting in before the Thanksgiving holidays. They are just beautiful....

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