Friday, February 6, 2009

Chi Gong heals with all forms...

The nice thing for me is that Chigong healing or removing the energy blockages with chigung, then gives the body enough energy to heal by itself.

Therefore it works well with all forms of healing modalities.
Whether it is herbal,
colored light therapy,
alapathic or AMA standard...
Eagle feathers or
what ever form
it is compatible with all forms of healing.

You are a born healer,
you can heal yourself...
you can help others heal too.

sit quietly
feel you are in the universe
feel the universe in you
feel the ones...

feel all your channels opening they are open - yes open
energy is flowing freely.
meditation on the free flowing energy through out your body...
there is more you may visualise:

See the book from yesterdays post it is very enlightening.

Cheery eve.

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