Monday, February 9, 2009

Deep Colored moon...

Two lunar eclipses in 2003; their ratings on the Danjon Scale would be roughly 2 (left) and 4 (right)

View the whole scale on yesterdays post. This scale is actually determined by the naked eye. So it is somewhat subjective.

Now the this eclipse is underway and will continue for another couple of hours. Mostly our Asian, Hawaiian, and New Zealand friends will see the best of this one.
this full moon will be just a greying or like a shadow effect on an otherwise bright full moon.

It feels like the energy that has been stirring the nights before has now smoothed out, but more intense ~ as sunning by the pool when the sun is softened by feathery clouds but hot.

I feel more sharpness today in focus as well.
Let me know how you are doing with your meditations.
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