Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quigong or Chi gung ~ the flow of life...

I was born to heal like Ruth Montgomery's book about Philip Gray she calls Mr A.
Since studying yoga all through the '70s, I developed the ability to read a book and put it into practice. Now with cassette tapes, DVD's and all it is even easier.
Back in September of 2000, I bought Chunyi Lin's course in springforest chigong and have been practicing it ever since. the meditations are wonderful ~ the style suites me well. Gentle and powerful. sharing this with others is wonderful too. but the most amazing is the re-energizing of anohter that is ill.
To see the face and eyes light back up is truely a reward. And I have never experienced any other way to get as intimate with another~ in a acceptable way. The connection is realy rewarding . Thank you Master Lin for bringing your work in its simplicity to share with us.

Magic does live.
We have this in our bookstore
on page # 9.

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