Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mesh in your gut, Mold in your walls....

My great goodness how many lives have been destroyed by medical 'science' and the watch dog FDA?
Bill Smith  can tell his has been.

After a routine hernia operation in which a piece of plastic 'mesh' was put in his abdominal wall, his life began to go seriously downhill. He couldn't work, think, could even make sens of life. He got a bit of a break by discovering that the 'mesh' may be a possible cause - it was removed.

But now years latter, and mucho pain, and lost time being able to live this soft ball hall of famer may be able to play once again. The suffering was excruciating at times. But what really hurt was that people and Dr.'s just made fun of him or blamed him for his condition. His interview is both insiteful and hopegiving to those like him trying to find there way in nonbelieving medical system.

Poison in handleable by Shiva with it stuck in blue throat. Advanced monks seem to be able to do as well. But Socretese had dificutly with it and did - does Bill -- If you want to kind understanding ear give him a call; his massages are inspired when you are in Dallas, TX area.

Mold is real trip. Tt is a fungus amoung us. DR. Simoncini says cancer and fungus are one and the same.
Bill's friend, Barbara, and at times advisor for the rough times of detox, had to end her carrer as a piolet due to inability to function.  She couldn't understand what was up. She lost her relationhip, home, job and all- it was discovered in her home - Black mold... Actually there are worse ones around too. Today she is an asistant in an environmental Dr's office where they specialise in helping with these detox conditions.

Sugar, white flour, you know the 'white' stuff actually feeds it in our bodies, and makes us look like loaves of bread.

Eat well, take probiotics, learn to live. Listen to your body - how?

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