Monday, February 16, 2009

Love yourself first...

By loving yourself first, you are opening yourself up to love others.
If you are fat, congratulate yourself, for you have created something effectively !
If you are ill, congratulate yourself, for you have done a good job or creation !

Love you fat;
Love your illness;
Love your creation;

By loving it you will move into it, understand it, know how you did it, then
you can change it;
if you choose, too.
Say out loud:
I choose weigh ....
I choose to be healthy, to eat healthy, to think healthy...
I choose to live...

If you can do this
If you can visualize health
meditate on the feeling, movement of health
If can see yourself as healthy
then you are healthy
and your 'real' state will come up to your demands, your expectations.

take charge of your direction in life: consciously.

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