Thursday, February 19, 2009

Benevolent Out comes....

Oh , yes indeed. This is what all of us Light Workers desire: The best outcome for all involved.
it differs so much for what most of the world wants: the best for me... which it may be, for a while.
Look at the Marlon Brando character in the God father, he, many times demanded, and got the best the outcome for him. But not for him nor his family in the long run.

So much easier not to have to remember who you told what story too, or what agreement was made, when you have the best possible out come for all concerned.

Also much easier to have help. Enlist the aid of your Guardian Angels, or their helpers, to find you a parking place, the best job or business, or best business partner, or the perfect lover or relationship life partner. Maybe you need help healing, or finding the right person or group to help with this. All you have to do is ask. and know how to do that most effectively.
After all how many times have you cried wolf? or said in your head - I am going to do this....but then don't do it. Have many times have taught your subconscious mind and angels to ignore you in this way?

So, if find that you may need jump starting this practice:

The book the Gentle Way by Tom Moore will help you do just that. In our conversation with him yesterday we discovered he has been teaching this for many years; but only recently has let it out to the public.

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