Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday world...

We see the world through our own eyes, right?
since it is my bodies birthday today I feel renewed, and I see the world has a happy birthday as well.
So, a 1000 prayers for a Happy, peaceful world to live in. Om chanting.

This is my world. In my world there is little conflict, that I feel in my heart.
If there is I remedy the situation. I may cut off or modify a relationship that isn't working for me.
I may change my actions that are not serving my highest good, or that are not in the most harmony for me.

All in all it is my world. I create my world. How are you creating yours? What do you tolerate in your world, as that which we tolerate persists. we have the power to decide, to change, to increase a area like money or decrease it.

Our emotional word images and feelings, are what communicate to our companion selves, and then on the High Self, and out to the universe, like a giant magnet to bring us more of what we are feeling. So I feel wonderful, my world is joyful, radiating out multicolored rainbow beams of light to a million distant friends.

In My world all the residents have plenty of every aspect of life. They may not have strawberries in their garden at this time of year, but the pansies are beautiful and spicy - have you tried one? We can buy what we want in the grocery store. We live a beautiful world.

I acknowledge that each has their own worlds that they can live in. There's may look a lot different than mine.
If you are of the ilk to reach out
today is a good day to send out your rainbows of peace to a million distant friends too.


Heart felt hugs to the world.

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