Sunday, February 22, 2009


for today, then hold the breath out for little bit - keep comfortable, not too long...
If you have taken yoga, or are pro runner or martial artist you will recognise the exhaling portion of the breath.

The new moon is coming late Monday or Tuesday, this is the holding out of the breath.
The inner pause of motion of a dancer, chi gong or taichi practitioner when the energy is drawn inward to center of the being or the body and then held for moment, then continues the dance with expansion again.

It is part of the breath of life. A shaman taught me the Aboo breath (you know Aborigines)
A quick inhale then the exhale disappears - the breath is almost just taken into the body, and spirit and never exhaled. It is but imperceptibly slow, I really am not sure it's the same amount that is taken in, it is so little.

If you like to breath, and meditate; [really a good idea to breath, while meditating :-) ]
try the walking breath meditation:

sinc your walking and breathing - a slow walking pace so you can inhale about 3- 4 steps comfortably and the do that same exhaling. Play with the speed, and number of paces, to suit you best. You can feel the beat of the earth. Great to do on the breaking surf, if you are near it.

The new moon slows - good time for break, a mini vacation, a cloistered meeting in a board room to plan - great plan review days today and Monday. Power up your meditation room, or board room.

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