Friday, February 20, 2009

Meditaion scents...

Sitting in a smelly bus station, dusted by traffic dirt and diesel fumes is, in my opinion, not a place to meditate; the noise is an assault as well. Maybe a trip to the cave is in order?

Maybe so; but not for the karma yogis who have come to city to work as light workers.

How to do this? Wel,l meditation once mastered requires no place or space, just an internal entrance into the consciousness. But for an easier time of it:

Get a quiet space or use ear plugs.
One of the quietest places I can think of, would be in a swimming pool, breathing through aqua lung, or with a pipe to the surface... difficult to find safe water with no chlorine. A sensory deprivation tank may be better - Santa Fe used to have them.

Find the comfort you like for sitting, some can stand, some lay; I prefer the sitting.
The use of a fragrance is very helpful. At the time of Christ Frankincense was more valuable than gold. It is a resin taken from a tree. Incense has been used after we got kicked out of the fragrant garden to inspire and move our minds and bodies.. Sandal wood just sends into an altered state of being.

One safe way to get a grand aroma is to put a gallon or so of water into a crock pot, turn it on low, putting in a few drops of essential or infused oil. This will freshen the air, inspire you, and even may help you heal says Rhavda Cooper Emison of TX. She has been growing her own rare herbs, and making expensive rose oil for over 30 years. Her interview on the Holistic Radio Show, has given me ways to think about herbs I've never thought of. Her books and classes are available too.

I have been purchasing my herbs from Pacific Botanicals for 8 years now and making my own tinctures, as well as culinary explorations. I have to purchase the Herb Doc's: Dr Schulze's tinctures when I want the best, as I can't get the quality he does. His videos are really amazing.
I have learned so much over the years from these.

I love the fact that Rhavda is heading a movement to grown our own ! to cut the dependence on foreign oil.

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