Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing...

Or is it? What is it?

The Language of Love:

Do you mean by being “Loved” that another is flowing energy towards them in a positive way, and they feel 'loved'?

If so, the converse then seems to be also true:
If I am not feeling 'good' vibes from such and such a person, then they don't love me. or then I don’t feel loved and this is a bad thing…”

Do you see the difference between the two sentences?
You say yes; but do you?
OK, one says I feel love than the second one says I don't... Right?
so, Are you miserable because I lack love...(my comment -is that right?)

Look closer at 2 the sentences: one has 'if ...then' and is different.

When you notice you are saying 'If 'I only had love, 'then' I would or could or... now you can see that there is an expectation that you are operating from a belief.

There are many issues here.
Lets look a bit further.

How do you know that someone is sending love your way...
'cause it feels good' you say...OK
If someone ignores you, then is that unlove? does it feel bad? if a stranger in wall mart doesn't acknowledge your presence as you pass them by and you don't see them either (except to avoid hitting them with your shopping cart) then is that a 'not love' situation?

You say 'no' I hear...
'because I don't expect them too do anything...
so the first sentence is an observation with emotional expectations, the second is both the observation and the emotional expectations. It is a program in you that say poor me: when I push the 'on' button the TV will come come on and will play the 'poor me' program - 'I have no love'; that is what you feel. The preplanned and you feel this -but you can change the channel.

continued on Valentines day... Tommrrow.
pic credit: Cupidon (French for Cupid), by Bouguereau, 1875

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