Sunday, November 30, 2008

Take the Step...New Moon

Create perspective
Get away from what you are doing
Give it a break...
Go on a road trip,
Sail around for a few weeks or months
go for a nice hike in the wilderness

do what you need by "Be Prepared"...

the Sanskrit Masters showed us how to develop Master of Focus.
Use this focus to raise higher in consciousness.
They taught Moderation...

the movie "into the Wild" is cinematically beautiful...
great acting, a heart warming story of searching.
But also a lesson in hard hardheadedness, and stubbornness.

The main character has the target - Alaska,
he thinks he's prepared, because he has read about how to survive,
even gotten instructions from a Jerky making master.

But he failed in his farther target because he failed to apprentice under a Master.

Take a lesson from this movie. My friend Meso Fine at discussed the power of
Perseverance and Consistency yesterday on his blog.

Our Character in this movie had these.
He just missed the step of not re-inventing the wheel.

The Sanskrit Master of Yoga who gave every instruction imaginable,
even state where to and where not to, and how to build your Mut or
reclusive home to practice yoga in, "on the instructions of your teacher"

One in particular stands out --don't build your Mut at the base of high cliff
(rocks may fall on you) or on the bank of a river (it may flood) etc.
Practical advise.

OK practical advise: if you have your target clearly established, your plan made, your resources
assembled, this New Moon , now is the time to launch your journey.

If not study under a master and learn something, make some money, save some money, meet people, and build your list of friends and acquaintances; nurture these friends.

Keep this up until you know your own path...

Or take a break if you have no family responsibilities. Be practical, easy way to traverse this planet.

As you practice your meditation - and you get stuck try something different.
Keep the same time of day and maybe go for a walk.
silent walk in nature maybe ..
Synchronize your breathing with your slow steps, perhaps inhale 3 steps - exhale 3 steps.
hear the silence, breath the silence, and view the wonders of Nature around you..

Maybe a sensual meditation:
Gently, ever so softly rub your partners back, stomach or legs, feeling your energy emerge from your fingers and palms 2 - 4 inches inside their body. Take 3 - 5 minutes to rub up the whole spine or leg, keep your focus on your partner...

Have some fun today...

Cheery Day.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sun rise...

Same time and place...
Every day the sun rises
every day a little different place 1degree change and that is all, sometimes even less.

It moves from the farthest south point at the December Solstice around the 21 rst symbolizing the begining of winter. All major religions have celebrations at this time of year.

The ancient astronomers - (actually the were all astrologers until about 200 years ago..)
were up daily at sun rise, in the same place, tracking the suns position and recording it.

When practicing meditation it is very beneficial to do so at the same time and place.
This time may be based on the sun or the clock.

The anients used the sun for a clock. The animals all got up just before sunrise and so did the farmers to milk cows and more farm duties. The best time of day for meditaion was Brahma muhurta about 1 hour before sunrise - I find the hour before dawn to be one of the best - but you will find yours.

Why? well regularity becomes a habit. The mind will slowly come to know that now is the time to be quiet - just like a child knows a strict bed time if the parents enforce it correctly.

so with mind quiet, and the sleep patterns regular also, you will deepen your meditaion very easily.

Greetings to the all Pervading Light of Tuth of Knowledge, of Love, (or your particular path.)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Cresent Moon and bright stars to the south west...

OH, What a wonderful few days ahead to view the Shiva Moon ~ a crescent moon +

Venus the evening star &
Jupiter the Santa Star...

With Sag rising on the horizon when I was born in apple country,
Jupiter is the ruler of my chart.

These two great planets are the ones of Increase, Joy, money, and grace...

What a wonderful way to bring in the Advent season.

If you can see them.. view them in the southwestern sky a little after sunset,
as the darker blues of evening covers, pulling the blanket of stars.
Try looking Saturday eve ~ Sunday Eve sunset should be the best time to view, Monday it will have passed ~ though still wonderful to see at Sunset...

This change of time from Day to night or early am from night to day are special times for mediation.
Though difficult to day for commuters. if you can find a comfortable semi deserted parking lot and the way home...

siting comfortably & inwardly silent, observe the change from sunset to moon, and planets brightly shining.
As the moon symbolizes our feminine self or the reflective self or the subconscious self,...
be specially observant of dreams, even day dreams and listen more to feelings rather than thoughts.

& of course Smile a little... :-)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wild Turky...

Happy Thanksgiving...

A great day to count our blessings and see how we are doing...
You know the cup 1/2 full or 1/2 empty...

The Turkey -

The Original Thanksgiving Turkey was a wild turkey ~a very smart bird; wild ones don't stand around getting fat in the rain and drown like the farm raised ones, purportedly do.

Ben Franklin wanted the wild turkey as the official bird for our new nation - not a bird of prey.

So as you are doing your thanksgiving meditation today, focus on your qualities, note any that are like the farm raised turkey ...

And take steps to more like the Wild Turkey = smart, fast, lean, colorful when needed camouflaged when not, and vegetarian :-)

Have a wonderful Thanks giving...

Greetings to your higherside !

OK the meditation?
a- sit quietly, maybe outside like in this perfect Dallas day ~the hight of the Fall color in the trees...
alough you mind to explore what you like about yourself, the things you did that you like, things thankfull you did.
b-next when they arise or come into view - note the things you didn't like about yourself, or that you didn't do ie: I could have taken 30 seconds and stopped to help that hobbling lady get up the steps... what ever - make a note of them.

Oh, how to change our habits?
Ah, yes

1- Awareness - what are the habits? to find out look at the outcomes you are producing.
2- KIV what are the outcomes you want? Keep In View the outcome i.e.: put a 3x5 card with 135 #'s written on it, stand on it daily - when you get up and just before bed, and see it there.
3- make a plan, go to weight watchers if you need a plan...etc.
4- Follow the plan
5- KIV ~ check your progress with your outcome
6- Make adjustments to get step by step to your outcome. You can use the rubber band on the wrist and snap it when you take the bite of chocolate cake, if you need too :-)
keep the punishment very light, in moderation.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Go with the pain...

Most of us do anything to avoid pain...
take drugs, drink alcohol, and more...

A horse is different. If it moves away from pain it could bet much worse...
what ?  think about it.

A horse is very likely to be attacked by a bear or a large cat.
if it pulls away it would tear a bigger hole in its hide..

So, the horse moves into pain...
and sometimes can release it.

We are the same, we have to face our painful situations in life, with consciousness and understanding.

If we can do this we more often than not will release the pain that has been built up in there~ maybe for a long, long time....

A sometimes we need professional help.

One person who has developed her own method via higher guidance is
my co host on the and her book and interview could be useful.
There are several others as well, Dr Pam Garcy, Ron K Schneider, and others.
look them over, listen in and see which warm your heart.

If you have pain - it's the bodies way of letting you know something is wrong.
Please don't just poke out or disconnect the "check engine" light - with drugs...
find out what it may be.

If you need help we are here to help point the way...

Cheery day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Wheel turns...

Another Monday..

what to do? Drag yourself to work? lets see what is wanted of me?

or ...Wow another day !.. What can I create today?

Either way ~ or another..the wheel turns...

Saturn is the great time keeper, Samara the wheel of birth and death..

What ever day, whatever time it may be it is always 'NOW' there is no other time.

Sow what you want to create 'NOW' and soon now will contain a grown harvest...

OK, lets meditate ~ go into the silence, connect with your higher self - pure bliss

then in that daily reunion, just glow and listen...

What to do for you 'NOW' may come or it may come latter.

For me it arrives as a little birdie, softly chirping, and I get a message...

Find Arlene Kellman, DO

She and I worked together at the LA yoga center back in 1972, She became a Doctor of Osteopathy.
I met her again in Santa Fe when she was interning. Now we haven't connected in 20 years ~ just to long.
So the little birdie said ~ say hi to her. so I am on the path to that...

What are you creating today? This week? 

KIV = keep in view

then the boss's and family and friends wants can be keep in perspective and in priority, and doing your creations in a timely manner will bring you closer to own desires, and goals in this 'NOW"...

happy travels..

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little Birdie...

When the little birdie sings in your ear using a soft voice...

~Do you hear it?

As you gain proficiency in meditation, your intuition will become clearer. Or maybe with the other noises of your mind quieted you can hear it for the first time.

Be sure to write it down, mega successful folks carry a little notebook just in case.
Then either delegate the goodies or act on them your self.

You'll be surprised at what will come.

When you start recoding these ideas, and celestial to do list, the trickles will become streams, the streams will become rivers of ideas.

These often magnify the goals you are working on, even aiding in their attainment.

Listen & write:

Enjoy your new prosperity...

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beat the drums...

Johnny Cash sang "beat the drum slowly, play the fife lowly..." and touched the hearts of his audience. He further made his most popular album at the Folsom Prison, where the experts said it would it would never sell. Listen to the drums on this album...

Drumming is one the oldest and first thing a human does. Give a kid a spoon and few lids see what happens ! Rhythm moves us, captivates the both body and mind.

This is a great focus tool.
You may play on, listen to, or dance with them.
Drum circles are wonderful to create with a collective consciousness.
'Sweat your prayers' in Austin, TX was (is?) a great group of meditative free style dancing and a few drummers.

I hosted a 'Tansen' or a master of sound Swami Nada Brahmananda, a classically trained Indian musician. He could make sound come from his body, even when all openings were sealed by very strong men. He could play very intricate tabla passages for 2ce as long in an air tight box that a monkey could last before it passed out. Samiji was a true master of sound in all it's forms. This mastery took great focus and dedication. One of his teacher go so frustrated with him as a young student that the teacher drove a table tuning hammer into his femur.

I am not that kind of a teacher.
I do hope you are that dedicated of a student.

Now to focus -
play the drum with steady beat, then learn intricate beats. Indian music for example has many more rhythm patterns than Western music.
All this applies to playing any instrument as well.

try this beat one , pause and 2 pause, and 3 pause and 4 do over.
then double it in the same measure of time frame:
1, 2, 3, 4, 1,2,3,4

the double that again, start over...
this is about control and focus.

Another way, play the drum and hum or sing even so the cats run away...
play your heart out, sing this way with great devotion... if you like.

Another path is to just create a rhythm you like, and let it carry you into peaceful meditation, keeping up the drumming.

So beat the drum, enjoy day, be creative...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Breath the Universe:

Now you should be sailing into port carried by the tide, effortlessly...exhaling.

time to recharge and set out a few goals for next week toward your long range goals...

Breathing the Universe...

Building the chi

sit stand or lay keeping your arms comfortable free.

Begin with your palms facing each other with fingers outstretched, hands apart.

Can you feel the warmth of the other palm though space?

Now slowly and comfortably inhale and move your hands apart using the elbows.
Feel you are drawing in energy - sparkling energy into every cell of your body.

Exhale slowly and comfortably, bringing hands back close together -not touching as you began.
Feel that the energy is sweeping the stale energy, the toxins out of the cells and back into the universe, to be recycled.
The extra energy you brought in this breath goes into the chi collector just below the navel. This is our battery.

We are like submarines - we need to surface, breath fresh air, and recharge out batteries.

Just remember there is not 'bad energy' just energy in the wrong place. 
Get out the stagnant CO2 rich air and bring in the O2 rich air... the plants like the CO2 and give us the O2 ~
amazing isn't it...

the universe contains all the vitamins and minerals we need, some feel they obsorb enough just from the air, and from a meditative state.

We know we can get the good air in and eliminate bad air and toxins, how much more are we really doing?

Breath the universe.  Re chart your course, and plan out great things for the week end too...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hone the edge...

Wow almost Friday...
Monday we planned the week
daily we KIV (keep in view the goals)

mediate daily to increase focus...

keep the Veering Disease from the door...

OK, Today...

Draw a little picture or get elaborate and do a collage

This is one that represents your large -'where you want to be picture'
and the weeks end  ~  where you want to be.

Place this on your desk
computer, car dash, over your bed so you can see it first thing when you wake up
and last thing you see before you go off to sleep...

This is a form meditation the KIV !  Keep it in the view of the subconscious or
your companion self...

Cheery day...

Hugs your self !

Hug another too


smile ~ a little...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Feel the breeze...

Feel the warm sun...

Early morning misty, clearing.

Gentle stretching...

Smile a little...

begin twirling slowly at first...

feel the sensations...

twirl for 2 -5 -10 - 20 minutes

feel and meditate...or focus your mind gently on these


Feel the unity of all life.

untwril slowly. spend 2-3 minutes slowing down...

then you'll be stable when you very slowly stand still once again.

Feel the presence of the breath flowing through all life....

Cheery Day...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Follow through...

You set up your week yesterday, and again today.
Now meditate on the silence,

listen to the silence for 5 minutes

well silence is peace it is between the cars going by, the people voices, etc.

easier to hear about 1 - 2 hours before sunrise and the feelings are stronger then as well.

so practice in the early morning and then you'll know how to hear it at other times during the
day as well.


Silence is how we hear our higher inner voice.
Our minds must be silent inside - not the usual chatter.
You can see the bottom of a slow moving clear creek but not
the bottom of a turbulent one.

In this silence are the answers to how we can accomplish our goals and get our wants fulfilled.

Silence is Gold, Silence is the Peace that Paseth all understanding..

It goes above the minds capabilities...

Nicoli Tesla was just walking along as a young man in Budapest (I believe) and it just came to him a picture of the electric motor that universally used today in everything from sump pumps to electric Cars & trains.  He actually drew a picture of it in the dirt to show his friend.

This came from listening to the silence.

Marcel Vogel went into meditation to find the solution to how to stick the electronic media on to computer disks for IBM.  In the silence he got his answer of using molasses in certain way and the rest is history...

What will you find in the silence?

listen in...

and then do you list of things on your to do list....
Surprises may come unexpectedly. 

Cheery Day...

Monday, November 17, 2008


A new Week for many office goers, sales folks etc.

Please KIV keep in view what you want to work on
both professional and personal.

KIV Keep In View....

Write down all the things you do want to do
then pick the 7 to day today...

Carry over to tomorrow what you don't get to today.

Cheery Day


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Meditate ~ Investigate

Meditation is a wonderful path but what is it?

We cannot describe the state of sleep but if you go into it you will know.
We can only describe ways that may help to get you there...
soft clean sheets, turn off the lights, comfortable pillow and matters, quiet, fresh air etc...

Meditation is the same - it is in the tasting of the Orange we 'know' what it is...

Investigate if you hear strange noise in the night you go out to see what it may have been...
your mind is focused on the situation by asking inner questions...

what was that?
- Ice dropping a rock? No...
- A dog barking? No...
- Child laughing? No...

You keep on asking these questions like lightning sorting to find a known sound, looking around for possible clues. you are very Focused and your are keeping the situation in View and you know your outcome.

CSI is very popular on TV we love solve a problem, piece together a puzzle, figure out a recipe, how to build this or that...

So lets use this natural inquisitiveness of the mind for meditation...

Observe something that interests you - a colorful bird, and ant, car, doll, house, body shape, flower, whatever....

While observing it let your mind think only of anything at all to do with the object and gently keep it there, binging it back with another question about the object or subject.

See if you can focus on the object for 2 minutes, then 5, the 8, then 10 can you get to 20 minutes? 1 hour?

Jana Yoga begins with the question Who am I?
the body? NO... it is not permanent.
Then mind.. No it changes...

This is the Netti - Netti method or Not This - Not This...
very powerful and seems to be using our natural investigative inquisitiveness...

See my talk on chanting on the

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I am that I am

Yes you are and what do say you are? That is what you are ~ What you believe you are...

I am that I am
I am that I am...

I am neither mind nor body
Immortal self I am
I am witness of 3 states
I am knowledge absolute.

I am coolness in the ice
Wave in the radio
Highness in Mountain
Warming in the Sun.

I am that I am
I am that I am
I am that I am
I am that I am....
~ Swami Shivananda

Today's mediation:

Sit, lay or stand comfortably. Breath slowly, smiling a little.
As you breath in hear inside your say inside to yourself
"I am or I am or So"
then as you exhale say or hear inwardly:
"he (or she) or That I am or Hum"

or together ' I am he or I am that I am or SO Hum ...

Think today on the qualities of everything you see, and that you are the the essence of the thing.

Say you walking the garden and see beautiful flower - think about you being the fragrance of the flower.
Or you view a spectacular home, think I am the creativity that architect - the inspiration itself.

You may think that you are desirability of butter on the toast!

Anything you do this with.

Gain more respect for all life
more of a feeling of oneness with all
let other shine more where you may have needed to ~ i.e. let another speak what you are feeling inside and they get the credit...

feel the breath of life flowing in all things.

Aloha (A = God lo=flowing Ha = breath ) I see the breath of life flowing through you.
Howlie = Hawaiian for one who has no breath... whiteess - neat concept

Cheery day
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Friday, November 14, 2008

Chocolate Cake... Meditate...

Ah the best I have found anywhere in Dallas area is at the Stone Brier Mall in Frisco.
there's a little place in there buy the check out stand across from the bookstore
which holds it in its cool windowed vaults. Many choices the fudge one with chocolate
icing holds #1 in my opinion ~~Ask for extra whipped cream... I like it to go...

Wow that was wonderful...

This meditation can be done while alone or if you think you have some real strength:

Go to your favorite place. Make the purchase. Sit in a wonderful place like a table in the mall
near the water fall fountain or with the beautiful flowers and even ad the dimension of smelling the
cake. Gazing at the cake. Touching the cake.  Just don't eat it...

Inhale with slowly and deeply the whole chocolate aroma, the subtleties of the whipped cream...

keep this up for 5 minutes then give the dish away to a stranger...

2~ actually eating it meditation:

do all of the above for 5 minutes or up to 20 minutes is better.
then take one small bite and let it just totally melt in your mouth, about 3 minutes .

do this for 3 bites. 

between each bite do the smelling seeing meditation for about 5 minutes minimum too.

The whole idea is to gently keep your jumping monkey mind focused on the cake.

doing all of this will make wander many times to other things...

just gently keep refocusing back on the chocolate.

Increase your focus time gently , and daily...

Cheery Day.

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Chocolate Cake...

Ah the best I have found anywhere in Dallas area is at the Stone Brier Mall in Frisco.
there's a little place in there buy the check out stand across from the bookstore
which holds it in its cool windowed vaults. Many choices the fudge one with chocolate
icing holds #1 in my opinion ~~Ask for extra whipped cream... I like it to go...

Wow that was wonderful...

Now this what tong says to do...

But when I found out that the sugar just feeds all the mold & fungus and cancer in me,
well I just eat it like a would the Mona Lisa in a museum. I'll go and just watch others eat it.

or just imagine it..

What do let rule in your house?
your body or your tong?

We need a little discipline but TV commercials creating you and I as consumers has made it's programming deep with in us.

Chocolate cake zombies....

We have to hypnotize...

and become Consciously healthy

Cheery Day.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Become the Moon...

A wonderful Meditation on a full moon is this:

sit, stand, or lay comfortably where you can view the moon.

Open you eyes and gaze at the full moon with out winking for
30 seconds.

Then close your eyes and "see" it for 30 seconds.

Then open again and gaze on the full white moon for 1 minute.
Close your eyes again viewing the moon inside for 1 minute.

Next try 1.5 minutes

then 2 minutes

work you way up to 5 min or 10 minutes slowly.

you may want to rest your eyes after 2 minutes by
rubbing your palms together to get the warm or hot,
and the with your eyes closed place your palms over your eyes
~ feel the warmth and rest.

Note:  keep slowly breathing ~your breath may slow almost imperceptible at times as your concentration increases.
You will know when you are breathing ...

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Full Moon ~ Expand...

Good Morning Full moon tonight around midnight.
For today and tomorrow:

Go ahead and expand - the full moon make higher tides
we can too...

As sit or lay or stand gently and quietly:
inhale slowly, then exhale slowly maybe for 3 -10 times
to become more peaceful.

then let your breath become very quiet, a little in ~a little out

as you slowly inhale, hold it a little  then feel that you are 1 inch larger in size.

Exhale and come back to normal size.

repeat again this time try a foot larger.

repeat again then try 3 feet larger...

you can play with this and fell you are planetary size or large if would like to expand out that much...

write down your experiences..

Play with this and have fun...

you may even gain some insights .

Cheery day from the Holistic Radio Show .com

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Release Tension -Quyickly

Would you like to feel much better in just 5 minutes?
how about that short break every couple of hours at you office from that desk?

The simplest is a rebounder, or mini trampoline, just bounce very gently for 5 minutes

Wow!  How can feel so much better?


~you just flushed your inner sewer, your toilet, (What?)
   Yep your lymph system caries away all of the waist from the cells so it can be eliminated.
   When it is blocked you feel crummy, just like a highly cluttered room makes you feel especially when you are receiving more deliveries = where to put it???

another method of this is to heal tap...

place your hands against the wall with your feet out about 2 -3 feet.
gently raise you heals and drop them. do this for 6 - 30 x' s gently.
the bottoms of the feet have connections to all the body (as do you outer ears)
these reflex points will stimulate energy flow to all of the body..

Ok helps your focus
to feel better

get more oxygen in (life flow)

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Monday, November 10, 2008


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

How do you handle it?

If you give something to someone who needs it and can't give it back you, and you give without expectation of it coming back to you,
usually you will feel much better than you did before you gave.

Well we know this. but what about when someone puts you down? Yells at or criticizes you? Especially for their personal gain?

I feel like crud, maybe you do too.

Well a famous swami I studied did what the good book said do good in return for a bad one done to you.

One so called yogi put him down in public because his ego was hurt by this swami's true selflessness:
When seekers came with gifts of fruit they would ask the least around "who is the best swami here? the most holiest? and these meek souls would say Swami Shivananda" that cut down on the fruit gifts to these pompous yogis who keep it for them selves. Swami Shivananda didn't keep any of the fruit ~ he would distribute it all, especially the sick ones.

So when put down verbally in public by the pompous yogis - he just keep quiet. then latter when the Mr pompous yogi was out he would enter his little place and clean it up for him...

So how do you recoil when you are insulted?

so we have a chance to act in a proper manner and we have a chance to react in an appropriate manner the choice is ours. It is always our choice to decide how we feel and think about any subject...

We have to practice and we have to fail, and laugh about it and try again to get it right.

KIV = Keep in view.

what is the outcome that we want?

Once we know this we can make better choices.


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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Good morning :-)

Are you Smiling a little?


Do nothing ...

How about a day to just do nothing?

In our western world we are bombarded by everything...
Radiation from radio, TV, modems, Cell phones, 120 volt house wiring, computers, electrical fields from our cars engine and on and on...

TV is constantly grabbing our attention for the adds and sexual innuendos, email adds etc.
when you go outside to walk we have our ipods too...

For heavens sake ( to really relax and re-energize - no not with redbull etc.. :-) )
Give your body a break...

and on the 7th day he rested....

try a sensory fast - really a sesnory slow...

This site is all about focus - the Eye of the Tiger- watch a tiger hunting = focus
tiger and lions depend on their hunting skills.
We depend on our ability to focus.

So try a day of Peace.
~Go for a slow walk in silence and listen to natures sounds.
~Many like to fish -lots of focus here -if you can leave the beer alone.
~Lay in a grassy field and view the clouds or play the cloud game - make them disapear just by you focusing on them.
~Lay in hammock under the trees.
~Try keeping silence all day and just observe the world - not the TV -
~Get a grat massage.
~Sit in the sun
~Float on a raft in a lake, or the Ocean -
~My favorite is to float around snorkling, observing natures wonderous colors and life forms, with only the sound of my breathing and the waves.
(Oh yes, stay out of Chlorine and Bhromine pools and hot tubs)

The real trick to all of this of course is to:
"Doing inaction in Action not Action in InAction"

This is called by yogis: Karma Yoga or the Yoga of Acion.

Keep your mind in observing mode not monky chatting mode..
When you find you mind commenting and talking and analyzing
just notice this and remember to go silent once again.
~This of course takes lots of gentle practice - not forcing the mind...
just observing the mind and remembering to go back to caulm and quiet...

Focus or KIV = Keep In View

avoids the # disease and cause of failure today in all area of life:
Vering Disease = going off track.

So practice of Day of Peace and re-energize.

Cheery Day.

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Relax Your Face !

Smile !

a little
~ this actually helps to release endorphins in your brain
= You will feel better ! Amazing.

so smile a little when you are meditating, walking, working at your desk
~ and feel better.

This will help to relax you

and actually help relax your face...

Now you are ready to think to your self or say out loud
Relax my shoulders, my back, my legs etc.
feel them relax, and practice often.

Smile when you listen to our radio show:

remember ~ Smile - a little :-)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Gain Energy a how to...

Ok now that you have an idea of what energy is..

How to gain more energy?

1- Stop doing things that rob energy
~ dead food that takes rather than gives energy
~ avoid too much stress and too much exercise

2- Increase energy
~ eat more live food
~ do efficient exercise
~ learn to relax
~ get enough sleep

3- Proper elimination
~ make sure you are regular
- eat more fiber
- see for details
~ get the by products of digestion out
- flush your system each morning
with 2 lemons in 10 -16 ounces of water first thing,
then wait 1/2 hour before any other food or drink...

Ok, we'll explore those basics in coming posts.

Here's one to start with ~

A - basic breathing:

1-exhale comfortably

2-then inhale comfortably, slowly, smoothly about 3/4 full

3-Hold your breath for a count of 3 or 4 - comfortably

4-then slowly exhale. be gentle

repeat this 10 times...

You will have more mental energy, more peace & focus,
be more relaxed, and ready for more of you are doing.

Cheery Day

more tomorrow.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Energy, Prana, Chi...

What is Energy, Prana, Chi ?

They are the same meaning, but what are they?

The quark in quantum physics is like spark that shows up,
from somewhere. It is said to be light.

I am not this body
~ This body is not mine
I am not this mind
~This mind is not mine.

I am witness of 3 States
~ Knowledge absolute...
I am that I am ... I am that I am...
--Swami Shivananda in beautiful chant...

Yogis know that we are really

Sat Chit Annanda

Sat is Truth (for poor translation)

Chit is Knowledge Absolute (same)
~This is the quark ~ the divine spark
~ Consciousness itself

Ananda means bliss...

Energy is everything as everything vibrates & moves
~only nothing is static

In body mechanics we need about -27 volts in our cells to be healthy...

Less we start to rot, decay and die or illness creaps in.

So the ancients new that to eat a lot
~ eat a little
(then you can live a long time to eat a lot.)

You need a healthy battery in your car or it won't start.
energy is simple
~ breath it, move it around (exercise)
~ bring in the living energetic life force from fresh things
(eliminate the waste)

Chinese use chi gong or chi gung or Zhi ghong many ways to say this
simple exercises
~to bring in energy,
~Store the energy,
~move the energy.
~ heal your self and others with this energy

Yogis do the same
Here in the west we are slowly catching on.

First we have to have desire to know.
usually we don't we just do all the wrong things - programmed by society and TV commercials to die
~eat lifeless dead things wich take energy from us not - - give energy like real food will
~ so we have what is thought of an "enjoyment' or 'party'
- too much booze, spice foods, rich foods, dead foods, (Pizza & beer -or much worse)
- then we get sick
- only then do we seek knowledge... how to get and maintain health?

So energy - we know whether we have it or not, even if we don't know what it is....
we simply feel it or the feel the lack of it...

in Sanskrit this is called roga, boga, and yoga. party, suffer, seek health
or union or truth or knowledge or whatever it means to you...

perhaps we can de-hypnotize ourselves ...

breath in energy,
store the energy,
move the energy
heal with this energy
ourselves and others...


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