Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Winter Popy...

This rarely seen by me flower, in it's pink, red, orange, yellow & white radiant blooms are just downright inspiring in the leafless days of winter. It handles the freezing ice storms, the 85 degree days, the gray no sun days and the bright sun just draws them out like a magnet. pic credits:

This is such a beautiful flower to meditate on. These are also called the 'field or corn' poppy. One can gaze for many minutes on the fuzzy stems, the fuzzy flower casings that hold the unopened flower; the many forms of the petal in tight, wide, new and old stages. The multi -colored centers, with goodies for bees. Observing them waving at you in the gentle breezes or the strong winds. I think these would be wonderful flowers to decorate with. I have never heard of them used for essential or infused oils for healing, but everyone has heard of the derivatives that are used world wide both legally, and not so, for pain relief.
I don't know where all they will grow, but they do very well here in Dallas, TX and they are worth puting in before the Thanksgiving holidays. They are just beautiful....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy New Moon in Pisces...

Around 8 PM CST is the New Moon in 6 degrees of Pisces.
Whoopee! ??
Well the goodies are this: Pieces is a balanced sign, going deep into the depths and soaring into the heights of heavens, Two fish swimming in opposite directions, yet connected, with a (silver) chord.
so you can get perspectives that are wonderful, to help you in your path to your chosen target.

Find your weaknesses, find your strengths.
Balance these or enlist the help those who can.

Be open in your meditation to experience the garbage with the grand.
today with that knowledge you can float higher,longer, safer, stronger....

Check out your numbers if you like.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Day to plan and review...

Great Day to continue planning, meditate with your staff, or senior partners, hold a mastermind group session. Wrap up the old stuff today if you can get it done.
Pack up for the voyage which starts Wednesday.
Get ready behind the scenes, raise the curtain Wed or Thurs or Fri even better - Moon in Aries on Friday.
Look, the idea is the tide is in and high (metaphorically) , then latter in the week will be the best time to launch your projects or new parts of them.

In meditation, ask for the benevolent outcomes for all involved, you can get more instruction on this if you want it.

Peaceful day here in the DFW Metroplex, sun is out, a bit warmer, nice day to get some Vitamin D
as well.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


for today, then hold the breath out for little bit - keep comfortable, not too long...
If you have taken yoga, or are pro runner or martial artist you will recognise the exhaling portion of the breath.

The new moon is coming late Monday or Tuesday, this is the holding out of the breath.
The inner pause of motion of a dancer, chi gong or taichi practitioner when the energy is drawn inward to center of the being or the body and then held for moment, then continues the dance with expansion again.

It is part of the breath of life. A shaman taught me the Aboo breath (you know Aborigines)
A quick inhale then the exhale disappears - the breath is almost just taken into the body, and spirit and never exhaled. It is but imperceptibly slow, I really am not sure it's the same amount that is taken in, it is so little.

If you like to breath, and meditate; [really a good idea to breath, while meditating :-) ]
try the walking breath meditation:

sinc your walking and breathing - a slow walking pace so you can inhale about 3- 4 steps comfortably and the do that same exhaling. Play with the speed, and number of paces, to suit you best. You can feel the beat of the earth. Great to do on the breaking surf, if you are near it.

The new moon slows - good time for break, a mini vacation, a cloistered meeting in a board room to plan - great plan review days today and Monday. Power up your meditation room, or board room.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sitting in the Sun..

What a pleasant idea, for us wintry folks in N America. Where do most of us sit? In the house.
In the office.
What is the air like?
The placement of the items, what is this like?

The art of Feng Shui is very old, has different proponents, and styles.
Alexandra Shaw is the Black Hat school with some simple modifications.
Alex began her study in 1995, since her certification in the early 2001, her stories she receives are really amazing. These sheets came from the Dollar Store, as did the silk flowers. What a simple way to create a peaceful are to meditate in. Alex's methods are simple using icons containing meaning to increase what is wanted in an area.

Whether it may an increase in business, or a re -newed or new relationship, Alex will make over home or business. She travels widely, helping many. Merrily had a few modifications to make in home and office. You can listen in to the interview to get whole scoop.

If you would like to read some very simple things to improve your living environment, press here...

I lived in a 'divorce' in the late 80's in Albuquerque, NM the couple we bought the home from were getting divorced; we got a great deal on the house as they wanted to sell it fast. Little did we know at the time we would get divorced 2 years latter. The placement of something was not right or it may have been to close to a transformer... would have to check things out. Feng shui would have helped for sure.

I know of some who report their back problems cleared up after 'fixing' the feng shui of their home. This is a powerful method, and one to use. Practicing the art of placement is one of the Tantric arts, along martial arts, flower arraingement, and many others.

The ancients used the art of geomancy - the placement of buildings. The pyrimids, the Glastonburry Chappel, and many other temples, churches were build on special lines in the earth. Today builders are conerned with money develpoing land that should not really be lived on. Feng shui is a great way to mitigate the negative effects of stagnent energy.

What a better way to create some nice meditative space, and inspiring areas.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Meditaion scents...

Sitting in a smelly bus station, dusted by traffic dirt and diesel fumes is, in my opinion, not a place to meditate; the noise is an assault as well. Maybe a trip to the cave is in order?

Maybe so; but not for the karma yogis who have come to city to work as light workers.

How to do this? Wel,l meditation once mastered requires no place or space, just an internal entrance into the consciousness. But for an easier time of it:

Get a quiet space or use ear plugs.
One of the quietest places I can think of, would be in a swimming pool, breathing through aqua lung, or with a pipe to the surface... difficult to find safe water with no chlorine. A sensory deprivation tank may be better - Santa Fe used to have them.

Find the comfort you like for sitting, some can stand, some lay; I prefer the sitting.
The use of a fragrance is very helpful. At the time of Christ Frankincense was more valuable than gold. It is a resin taken from a tree. Incense has been used after we got kicked out of the fragrant garden to inspire and move our minds and bodies.. Sandal wood just sends into an altered state of being.

One safe way to get a grand aroma is to put a gallon or so of water into a crock pot, turn it on low, putting in a few drops of essential or infused oil. This will freshen the air, inspire you, and even may help you heal says Rhavda Cooper Emison of TX. She has been growing her own rare herbs, and making expensive rose oil for over 30 years. Her interview on the Holistic Radio Show, has given me ways to think about herbs I've never thought of. Her books and classes are available too.

I have been purchasing my herbs from Pacific Botanicals for 8 years now and making my own tinctures, as well as culinary explorations. I have to purchase the Herb Doc's: Dr Schulze's tinctures when I want the best, as I can't get the quality he does. His videos are really amazing.
I have learned so much over the years from these.

I love the fact that Rhavda is heading a movement to grown our own ! to cut the dependence on foreign oil.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Benevolent Out comes....

Oh , yes indeed. This is what all of us Light Workers desire: The best outcome for all involved.
it differs so much for what most of the world wants: the best for me... which it may be, for a while.
Look at the Marlon Brando character in the God father, he, many times demanded, and got the best the outcome for him. But not for him nor his family in the long run.

So much easier not to have to remember who you told what story too, or what agreement was made, when you have the best possible out come for all concerned.

Also much easier to have help. Enlist the aid of your Guardian Angels, or their helpers, to find you a parking place, the best job or business, or best business partner, or the perfect lover or relationship life partner. Maybe you need help healing, or finding the right person or group to help with this. All you have to do is ask. and know how to do that most effectively.
After all how many times have you cried wolf? or said in your head - I am going to do this....but then don't do it. Have many times have taught your subconscious mind and angels to ignore you in this way?

So, if find that you may need jump starting this practice:

The book the Gentle Way by Tom Moore will help you do just that. In our conversation with him yesterday we discovered he has been teaching this for many years; but only recently has let it out to the public.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Energies...

The sun goes into Pisces today, beginning tonight tune into this new energy to help you along your path to your target. Aquarius is the cool clear air of the icy north, dispassionate to view the details of the path with out concern for the emotions of attachment; but with a view of what is best; what is most effective.

Now for this next month, we will look to the depths and the heights of intuition. Pisces is a feeling sign, one of dreams, intuition, inspiration. It operates largely behind the scenes, like a nurses on quiet ward in a busy hospital, unseen by the incoming traffic of visitors, deliveries, etc.  While they have electronic devices to monitor vital signs, these specialist nurses have always responded to their intuition, knowing when some needs help now.

So in your life, pay attention this month as the moon circles the 12 signs of the zodiac, to your intuition, your dreams, your hunches. This will serve you well.

Meditate on the silence and listen to the silence. For in this silence of calming the mind, the questions, the seeking, can come the information, you can use to make ready for the curtain to rise on your show. All the lighting, sound and video with pyrotechnics, art work, ques and knowledge of the lines practiced and perfected - all behind the scenes of your stage.  This is the time to get a lot of creative work done as well.

Have a wonderful month be like dolphins surfing the large waves.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love yourself first...

By loving yourself first, you are opening yourself up to love others.
If you are fat, congratulate yourself, for you have created something effectively !
If you are ill, congratulate yourself, for you have done a good job or creation !

Love you fat;
Love your illness;
Love your creation;

By loving it you will move into it, understand it, know how you did it, then
you can change it;
if you choose, too.
Say out loud:
I choose weigh ....
I choose to be healthy, to eat healthy, to think healthy...
I choose to live...

If you can do this
If you can visualize health
meditate on the feeling, movement of health
If can see yourself as healthy
then you are healthy
and your 'real' state will come up to your demands, your expectations.

take charge of your direction in life: consciously.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing 3...

Or is it? What is it? continued....

The Language of Love:

Loving attention is always appreciated, but there is a time for it and everything else under heaven. You tap into the state of permanent love, but think it comes from the partner or can be felt only with them. This is a lie. This here is the source.

The best love I experience is when I get centered and connect my 3 selves together. This is my conscious self (driver of the car) my companion self (the car with all of its power) and my High Self. The bliss and love is fluid healing. This is then passed on to another in healing energy through the hands, eyes, intention, words, etc., etc., etc.

How could the King in “the King and & I” show the love to the European teacher girl?
He tried very hard but he had to die - it was the only way to get around all of his rules and beliefs clashing; to let his son take over the country and make the changes. In this way he could honor the lady’s teaching and ‘love’ both her, and his country.

May you rise above your limiting beliefs; create beliefs that will support you on your path; and experience more of what you want: Pure Love.

oh, are you on a path of your choosing?
This may be the message for you today.
Inspect the path you are on: observe your actions; journal them.
May you then travel the path you want to be treading.

If you can tune into the higher self of person, and help them in the way they recognize as unconditional truth, or love, then they will know you love them. even if it only your smile...

how's that for a new belief?
here's another one:

If we can market to a person in the same manner as above, a product that they instantly recognize as a benefit to themselves, and we only want them to have it because it will help them: then instant love, and money will flow. Reciprocity of the nature of the universe.

Shoot your arrows cupid, please have a conscious aim.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing 2...

Or is it? What is it? continued...
the Language of Love:

A small girl has a little frog, oopps a small boy, (my mistake, our society says little girls don't like little frogs - more beliefs)
and he 'loves' the little frog so he hugs it, just like his mom does to him. He is sending all kinds of good energy to the little green thing. So he is loving it right? to it death, squeezes to hard.

So does he love it? I would say no. I would say he is operating from a preprogrammed behavior and that is not love in my book, but in his.
It doesn't give him (her) the right outcome she is expecting.

So, do feel then, unloved if you don't get bunch of flowers, a card, a nice dinner? Or do you feel unloving if you don't give something to your beloved? These are beliefs. And I would say nothing to do with love - but your rules.

Look inside is there a 'If ....then' rule? I have them.
If she gives me a card... she loves me. she thought enough to go out, look around a store, find a card, sign it, put it in an envelope, and give it to me. There for I am loved. no card, no love, I have been miserable over that rule.

But I forgot the times, she paid for my lunch, my dinner, my bill payments when I couldn't, I forgot that she is tiered when she comes home from working all day, and doesn't feel like talking to me and is 'ignoring' me - right! Only if I have to feel right ! but i am incorrect. She loves me - in her way and in her language.

Truth is I had to learn her language of love, if I wanted to feel it.
To do that I had to get my emotions under control, back into neutral, be Present again, and look at life in the here and now, I had to look in reality.

Did I give her a diamond bracelet? no. Bunches of flowers? nope. What does she really want? Me bring in more than enough income to handle what needs to be taken care of... She does this - she just would like to be matched. Do I ? about 1/2 time yes I do...

So what is love?
Lets look at the first sentence again... Love is flowing positive energy to another. I would like to add and it is mutually felt and reciprocated, in a timeless deep understanding of unemotional joy, peace, and liquid positive energy called 'ananda' or bliss.

Paramahamsa Yogananda chants in 'Oh God beautiful' to the lover thou art love...
this mutual state of energy flowing back and forth around and through the beloved so that one could not say where it starts nor ends. It is a oneness of unconditional love; A focus on each other and not on another. The key is the focus not the object of the focus.

I see that when the focus changes, say a man or women looks to or at another, instead of at the once lover, all hell breaks out in the one who has lost the focus of the other person.
'Hell hath no fury like a women scorned' is the observation of many playwrights.

Love of money is ... this is another belief about love. but the phrase is not this, it is one cannot serve 2 masters. One cannot serve mammon or money or fame and the lord at the same time. If you look at the lives of very wealthy people you will both sides of this: some die penniless, lonely and miserable, others are a blessing to everyone they meet, know and do business with. It is not the money but the attitude about it that is the key.

So, Love lets look at the Chant of 'Oh God Beautiful' again. Some are seeking love - lovers are... some are seeking other things:
In the mountain thou art high, in the river restless, in the ocean grave... You move in many ways, you magical God...
To the sorrowful thou art sympathy, --- can one who is sorrowful feel the loving of another? maybe but that kind of intertwining love sought by the lover is not able to be felt, while the grieving is going on, sympathy is the form of Love Yogananda indicates in this case, at this time, in this temporary situation. (Like medicine it is given for a limited time as it is needed; latter another medicine may be required.)

Paramahamsa Yogananda and great Yogis like Swami Shivananda, act in the present, the 'here and now' they also do not practice the lovers love between the sexes, interesting...
Take Mahatma Gandhi, did he love his wife? and she him? Very deeply, but they only had sex four times ( I believe) and each time they had a child and practiced no sex at other times. does this mean they didn't love each other? It would have in our society - she would have divorced him and the marriage counselors would condemn his actions as well; Simply because of different rules..(If ... then) and beliefs and the idea of 'rightness: my belief is "right" '.

When one applies rules they miss the present situation. Rules are guidelines only, but if you apply the rule unconsciously or unknowingly you may come to wrong conclusion.
'well, love means: ... card, bracelet, hug for over 10 minutes, kiss for over 5 minutes, sex only is such and such a way and not others, dinner, dance, what ever it is the rule inside your program only. There for the joy or feeling of being loved only inside you, or being shunned is inside you as well.
Find the belief, inspect the belief, see if it serves you, change it if you wish...
Change the belief = change the resultant feeling; change the channel.

Take another line of the chant:
To the Yogi thou art bliss....
This is 'Ananda' the liquid light flowing of indescribable bliss of universal love knowing no bounds, no rules, no limitations, no beliefs, but 'IS'. Pure 'hereness'; Pure Presence. Pure 'Knowing'. Pure Truth.

Swami Shivananda sang:
I am neither mind nor body
immortal self I am
Witness of 3 States
Knowledge Absolute.
Sat chit ananda rupa...

Sat: Truth, Knowledge
Chit: Divine spark consciousness
Ananda: Bliss

put all of those together...
and you will experience a permanent LOVE.

More Tomorrow, The Day After...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing...

Or is it? What is it?

The Language of Love:

Do you mean by being “Loved” that another is flowing energy towards them in a positive way, and they feel 'loved'?

If so, the converse then seems to be also true:
If I am not feeling 'good' vibes from such and such a person, then they don't love me. or then I don’t feel loved and this is a bad thing…”

Do you see the difference between the two sentences?
You say yes; but do you?
OK, one says I feel love than the second one says I don't... Right?
so, Are you miserable because I lack love...(my comment -is that right?)

Look closer at 2 the sentences: one has 'if ...then' and is different.

When you notice you are saying 'If 'I only had love, 'then' I would or could or... now you can see that there is an expectation that you are operating from a belief.

There are many issues here.
Lets look a bit further.

How do you know that someone is sending love your way...
'cause it feels good' you say...OK
If someone ignores you, then is that unlove? does it feel bad? if a stranger in wall mart doesn't acknowledge your presence as you pass them by and you don't see them either (except to avoid hitting them with your shopping cart) then is that a 'not love' situation?

You say 'no' I hear...
'because I don't expect them too do anything...
so the first sentence is an observation with emotional expectations, the second is both the observation and the emotional expectations. It is a program in you that say poor me: when I push the 'on' button the TV will come come on and will play the 'poor me' program - 'I have no love'; that is what you feel. The preplanned and you feel this -but you can change the channel.

continued on Valentines day... Tommrrow.
pic credit: Cupidon (French for Cupid), by Bouguereau, 1875

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Life just can't wait...

some times there is a big deal to me made for sleeping.
I love to sleep for my 8 hours. then i get excited when it is time roll along a write or play.

How may days do we mope around? Well not to many with enough life in us. Today I see a new white flowered tree all blooming
and it is Feb 9 wow...

another bush if flowering already as well
two weeks after the pink crab apples were a bloom

spring is the time to go out and see the newness the greatness
that is life.

When it jumps up inside you, go with it and create new and wonderful things.
Hey enjoy the day
I know I am going to..

Life just can't wait...

some times there is a big deal to me made for sleeping.
I love to sleep for my 8 hours. then i get excited when it is time roll along a write or play.

How may days do we mope around? Well not to many with enough life in us. Today I see a new white flowered tree all blooming
and it is Feb 9 wow...

another bush if flowering already as well
two weeks after the pink crab apples were a bloom

spring is the time to go out and see the newness the greatness
that is life.

When it jumps up inside you, go with it and create new and wonderful things.
Hey enjoy the day
I know I am going to..

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday world...

We see the world through our own eyes, right?
since it is my bodies birthday today I feel renewed, and I see the world has a happy birthday as well.
So, a 1000 prayers for a Happy, peaceful world to live in. Om chanting.

This is my world. In my world there is little conflict, that I feel in my heart.
If there is I remedy the situation. I may cut off or modify a relationship that isn't working for me.
I may change my actions that are not serving my highest good, or that are not in the most harmony for me.

All in all it is my world. I create my world. How are you creating yours? What do you tolerate in your world, as that which we tolerate persists. we have the power to decide, to change, to increase a area like money or decrease it.

Our emotional word images and feelings, are what communicate to our companion selves, and then on the High Self, and out to the universe, like a giant magnet to bring us more of what we are feeling. So I feel wonderful, my world is joyful, radiating out multicolored rainbow beams of light to a million distant friends.

In My world all the residents have plenty of every aspect of life. They may not have strawberries in their garden at this time of year, but the pansies are beautiful and spicy - have you tried one? We can buy what we want in the grocery store. We live a beautiful world.

I acknowledge that each has their own worlds that they can live in. There's may look a lot different than mine.
If you are of the ilk to reach out
today is a good day to send out your rainbows of peace to a million distant friends too.


Heart felt hugs to the world.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Touching meditation...

My Birthday eve. I have done some touching meditation today...
Very fulfilling, very soothing, if you enjoy being touched or touching:
this may be for you.

Here's a suggestion on what to do
find a quiet location, -maybe a bed room, a sunny room with flowers,
a small fountain, maybe a meadow.

Light some candles and some incense.
Put out comfortable pillows for your partner, blankets if necessary.

begin gentle touching the feet, the toes, ankles, then up the legs, and on up the back.
you just concentrate on the feel of the energy in various positions.
Feel as if you are radiating unconditional love like light rays out of your palms and fingers.
Imagine it is penetrating their skin about 3 inches.

Feel you removing energy blockages, keep you heart happy, your thoughts clear, focusing on positive things.
You may be thinking blockages cleared, completely healed.

This is wonderful meditation. Your partner will appreciate the gift. You will feel great for giving with out expectation.
Hold someone you care about.
Let the universal energy source flow into you and then the excess into your friend.

Share your universal Love.
Love will help them heal
this Love will help you heal.

Om Shanti...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Deep Colored moon...

Two lunar eclipses in 2003; their ratings on the Danjon Scale would be roughly 2 (left) and 4 (right)

View the whole scale on yesterdays post. This scale is actually determined by the naked eye. So it is somewhat subjective.

Now the this eclipse is underway and will continue for another couple of hours. Mostly our Asian, Hawaiian, and New Zealand friends will see the best of this one.
this full moon will be just a greying or like a shadow effect on an otherwise bright full moon.

It feels like the energy that has been stirring the nights before has now smoothed out, but more intense ~ as sunning by the pool when the sun is softened by feathery clouds but hot.

I feel more sharpness today in focus as well.
Let me know how you are doing with your meditations.
pic credits:

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hang on to your hats full moon...

Full moon eclipse -for tonight's meditation...
This one is hot for me; I can really feel this one
& the folks around me are displaying their best full moon coocooness.
today,in 1969 the Allende meteorite largest of it kind hit earth near chihuahua Mexico.
today, in 1587 Mary 1, Queen of Scotts lost her head... keep yours.

We had the Dallas Dept of Code Compliance come and remove all of the 'open house' signs off the grass for the neighborhood off of private property...

fire and ambulances have been zipping by.
I think I'll meditate tonight.

this will be one of 3 penumbral 2009 eclipses well there's a partial full moon eclipse coming at the end of the year.
This will be a full eclipse viewable more on the west coast and best in Alaska, China, Hawaii, New Zealand, etc.

  • An annular solar eclipse on January 26.
  • A penumbral lunar eclipse on February 9.
  • A penumbral lunar eclipse on July 7.
  • A total solar eclipse on July 22.
  • A penumbral lunar eclipse on August 6.
  • A partial lunar eclipse on December 31

Danjon scale

The following scale (the Danjon scale) was devised by André Danjon for rating the overall darkness of lunar eclipses:

L=0: Very dark eclipse. Moon almost invisible, especially at mid-totality.
L=1: Dark Eclipse, gray or brownish in colouration. Details distinguishable only with difficulty.
L=2: Deep red or rust-colored eclipse. Very dark central shadow, while outer edge of umbra is relatively bright.
L=3: Brick-red eclipse. Umbral shadow usually has a bright or yellow rim.
L=4: Very bright copper-red or orange eclipse. Umbral shadow is bluish and has a very bright rim.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Does anybody really care?...

so goes the song, so goes the Presidency.
He' s in we did it horay... so let him work now that's why we worked to get him elected right?
hope not. He can't do it alone and neither can congress.

simple a car needs a driver, navigator too; that is YOU ! all of us.
the loudest squeeks will be heard, go silent and guess who's there?
The machinery is place in Washington - has been for centuries - for the rich and the big interest groups to get what they want passed. See the legally blond 2 or was it 3 - they were great -weren't they!

If we want to see change rather than keep forking it over at the pump, grocery store and everywhere we need to cut dependance on foreign oil and energy...

We need to ad it to our personal targets or goals and plans to do something daily or weekly or what ever. It takes FOCUS and the machinery in place in DC has that focus. They also have the experiece and no how to push their ajendas - just look at the padding on these bail out bills - man just send me about 5 million - no one will even miss it... I won't mind a 1/2 million bonus as a cap on my radio show giving it to me annually -would you?

If we want to see change we have to be the change. you in?

From the desk of T. Boone Pickens
Boone here.
I promised to tell you, every month, whether or not we are making progress on cutting down on imported oil.
In January, I reported to you that in December we had imported just under 380 million barrels of oil at a cost of $19.3 billion.
Today I am reporting on the January imports In January, according to the Department of Energy, we imported ­­­­­­­­­­­­­408.7 million barrels which cost the United States ­­about $17 billion, so the transfer of wealth from America to foreign governments is continuing.
That’s an increase of about 7 percent over December’s imports. But, here’s the thing: Congress is in the final stages of putting together a stimulus package to send to the President.
As a member of the New Energy Army I am counting on you to stand with me. I need you to visit today to contact your U.S. Senators about the stimulus package. Let’s make certain they understand how important the Pickens Plan is to America’s future.
-- Boone

Friday, February 6, 2009

Chi Gong heals with all forms...

The nice thing for me is that Chigong healing or removing the energy blockages with chigung, then gives the body enough energy to heal by itself.

Therefore it works well with all forms of healing modalities.
Whether it is herbal,
colored light therapy,
alapathic or AMA standard...
Eagle feathers or
what ever form
it is compatible with all forms of healing.

You are a born healer,
you can heal yourself...
you can help others heal too.

sit quietly
feel you are in the universe
feel the universe in you
feel the ones...

feel all your channels opening they are open - yes open
energy is flowing freely.
meditation on the free flowing energy through out your body...
there is more you may visualise:

See the book from yesterdays post it is very enlightening.

Cheery eve.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quigong or Chi gung ~ the flow of life...

I was born to heal like Ruth Montgomery's book about Philip Gray she calls Mr A.
Since studying yoga all through the '70s, I developed the ability to read a book and put it into practice. Now with cassette tapes, DVD's and all it is even easier.
Back in September of 2000, I bought Chunyi Lin's course in springforest chigong and have been practicing it ever since. the meditations are wonderful ~ the style suites me well. Gentle and powerful. sharing this with others is wonderful too. but the most amazing is the re-energizing of anohter that is ill.
To see the face and eyes light back up is truely a reward. And I have never experienced any other way to get as intimate with another~ in a acceptable way. The connection is realy rewarding . Thank you Master Lin for bringing your work in its simplicity to share with us.

Magic does live.
We have this in our bookstore
on page # 9.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mesh in your gut, Mold in your walls....

My great goodness how many lives have been destroyed by medical 'science' and the watch dog FDA?
Bill Smith  can tell his has been.

After a routine hernia operation in which a piece of plastic 'mesh' was put in his abdominal wall, his life began to go seriously downhill. He couldn't work, think, could even make sens of life. He got a bit of a break by discovering that the 'mesh' may be a possible cause - it was removed.

But now years latter, and mucho pain, and lost time being able to live this soft ball hall of famer may be able to play once again. The suffering was excruciating at times. But what really hurt was that people and Dr.'s just made fun of him or blamed him for his condition. His interview is both insiteful and hopegiving to those like him trying to find there way in nonbelieving medical system.

Poison in handleable by Shiva with it stuck in blue throat. Advanced monks seem to be able to do as well. But Socretese had dificutly with it and did - does Bill -- If you want to kind understanding ear give him a call; his massages are inspired when you are in Dallas, TX area.

Mold is real trip. Tt is a fungus amoung us. DR. Simoncini says cancer and fungus are one and the same.
Bill's friend, Barbara, and at times advisor for the rough times of detox, had to end her carrer as a piolet due to inability to function.  She couldn't understand what was up. She lost her relationhip, home, job and all- it was discovered in her home - Black mold... Actually there are worse ones around too. Today she is an asistant in an environmental Dr's office where they specialise in helping with these detox conditions.

Sugar, white flour, you know the 'white' stuff actually feeds it in our bodies, and makes us look like loaves of bread.

Eat well, take probiotics, learn to live. Listen to your body - how?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Are You Immune to Rejection?"

by Peter Ragnar

The most successful people I know are unaffected by the past and immune to rejection. They are probably the wealthiest people I know, as well. There are always some disenfranchised souls who will be ready to rain on your parade, if you let them; fearful little creatures whose only joy in life is tearing others down and ripping up their dreams. Oh, and don't let me forget their most audacious act of rebellion-blowing their car horns in a tunnel. All courageous and lucky souls must deal with the people in the dark who never venture beyond the fence of chance.

"Why don't you get a real job...?"

...The plant foreman used to say this to me. He'd go on to say, "I could probably put in a good word for you if you quit reading them stupid books. Why, you think you're gonna get rich, don't you?"

"I'm already rich," I replied as I walked away from the idiot.

Successful people are drawn to successful people who see unlimited possibilities. Successful people aren't looking for jobs, they are looking for opportunities that lead to fortunate encounters.

This is simple stuff for many of us... and highly complicated for the majority ...but if you would like to release your inner talents you may like to look over more...

Monday, February 2, 2009

PF Changs...

What a wonderful soup...
We used to go to their sister restaurant Pei Wei, and their wonton soup was good.
but this one was really great - no MSG of course...
chicken, water chestnuts, and small shrimp floating with baby spinach...
the wontons cooked to perfection.

The curried veggies with tofu fired on outside an soft inside - oh - very good..
The Holistic Directory for restaurants is pretty good for veggie friendly places to visit.
We are visiting as many as possible.

Meditation is best on well fed stomachs too... not over eating but eating well, so as not to be starving...

Cheery Day...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Big Game Day...

for those of you who love the game, beer, popcorn, pretzels and friends - I salute you - have the most fun you can as today is the big day...
Super Bowl Sunday....enjoy the tailgating BBQ and all you can.

For those that don't even know who is playing - like me...
I love this day.
Most of the world's TV watchers are all focused on every move of the  ball and who has it - with all the details. I love the feel of the FOCUS can you feel it yourself?  If you are partying maybe not:

The addition of natural preservatives like ethyl alcohol, yeast products such as beer - potato chips - white flour products of all kinds, most cheese, and white sugar products. (So party hearty just don't try to meditate in this state).

The peace of world really nice on 3 day weekends as well.
During the game if you wanted to be scientific you could hook up lie detector or galvanic skin response meter to a plant and track the motions on the printer.  You may see when a goal is made, an important point is scored or the ball dropped at an inopportune time.

But over all if you would like to feel the world focused - meditate during the game - be open to feel what is going on in the world around you. You will have the help of all those focused on the game towards your meditation ends - could be world peace...

If you are a devotional type of personality there are many ways to tune into your favorite beings.  try chanting or reading or routing for your team - yep you can do this one with the  game.

Enjoy this wonderful day - however you wish to invest your time.
Smile a little more...