Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing 3...

Or is it? What is it? continued....

The Language of Love:

Loving attention is always appreciated, but there is a time for it and everything else under heaven. You tap into the state of permanent love, but think it comes from the partner or can be felt only with them. This is a lie. This here is the source.

The best love I experience is when I get centered and connect my 3 selves together. This is my conscious self (driver of the car) my companion self (the car with all of its power) and my High Self. The bliss and love is fluid healing. This is then passed on to another in healing energy through the hands, eyes, intention, words, etc., etc., etc.

How could the King in “the King and & I” show the love to the European teacher girl?
He tried very hard but he had to die - it was the only way to get around all of his rules and beliefs clashing; to let his son take over the country and make the changes. In this way he could honor the lady’s teaching and ‘love’ both her, and his country.

May you rise above your limiting beliefs; create beliefs that will support you on your path; and experience more of what you want: Pure Love.

oh, are you on a path of your choosing?
This may be the message for you today.
Inspect the path you are on: observe your actions; journal them.
May you then travel the path you want to be treading.

If you can tune into the higher self of person, and help them in the way they recognize as unconditional truth, or love, then they will know you love them. even if it only your smile...

how's that for a new belief?
here's another one:

If we can market to a person in the same manner as above, a product that they instantly recognize as a benefit to themselves, and we only want them to have it because it will help them: then instant love, and money will flow. Reciprocity of the nature of the universe.

Shoot your arrows cupid, please have a conscious aim.

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