Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Energies...

The sun goes into Pisces today, beginning tonight tune into this new energy to help you along your path to your target. Aquarius is the cool clear air of the icy north, dispassionate to view the details of the path with out concern for the emotions of attachment; but with a view of what is best; what is most effective.

Now for this next month, we will look to the depths and the heights of intuition. Pisces is a feeling sign, one of dreams, intuition, inspiration. It operates largely behind the scenes, like a nurses on quiet ward in a busy hospital, unseen by the incoming traffic of visitors, deliveries, etc.  While they have electronic devices to monitor vital signs, these specialist nurses have always responded to their intuition, knowing when some needs help now.

So in your life, pay attention this month as the moon circles the 12 signs of the zodiac, to your intuition, your dreams, your hunches. This will serve you well.

Meditate on the silence and listen to the silence. For in this silence of calming the mind, the questions, the seeking, can come the information, you can use to make ready for the curtain to rise on your show. All the lighting, sound and video with pyrotechnics, art work, ques and knowledge of the lines practiced and perfected - all behind the scenes of your stage.  This is the time to get a lot of creative work done as well.

Have a wonderful month be like dolphins surfing the large waves.

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