Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are Ghosts Keeping you Broke?

~ The Ghosts of Relationships, and Businesses Past can keep you down....
Are Ghost Keeping You Broke?

Ghosts of Memories Past keep us in our tiny boxes.
The hurts, bruises and failures of past
relationships and businesses ~ (MLM?s)

There is a way out ~ that is love and how to use it.

These Ghosts are with us to (hopefully) avoid the pain we felt
of having our dreams being dashed on the rocks again...
and again....
~ after all, how much can we take?

You see our Dreams or hopes or visions or goals are the most
precious things we have as human beings.

Forgiveness is the way, forgive others, forgive ourselves.
But How?

We need a friendly teacher, a real guru (dispeller of darkness)

When we are ready, the teacher appears, but how do we
get ready?

1 - Face the Ghosts ~ clean up the Ghosts ! Forgiveness.

2 - Admit being sorry for your part of any hurts.
~100% responsibility

3 - Ask for forgiveness ~

4 - State your Love ~ I Love You !
~something in your guts will release... AAAhhhh !

get a e-book version of Dr. Joe Vitale's
$29 hardback now - online: My gift to him and to YOU...

Joe's Hawaiian friend, cleaned up a whole prison
for the criminally insane -
using only this technique inside his own heart
- not seeing inmates nor staff...

Ok, How? get, read and 'Do' the book
& / Or

Then when you are ready:

(or you feel you are ready)
and you...

~ Ask for more... (relationships / Finances)

~ then:

Have the courage to see what the Divine brings you;
~look ... breath deeply , relax, study, practice, build your
skills in relationships / Finances...


we have found a truly wonderful business adventure
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Interview - on the Holistic Radio Show.

Happiness:= forgiving | something to love | something to do...

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Colin Ryane ~ co -Host
Colin is producer of the
Happiness Coaching ~worldwide
Qigong Coach ~Dallas, TX


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