Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hang on to your hats full moon...

Full moon eclipse -for tonight's meditation...
This one is hot for me; I can really feel this one
& the folks around me are displaying their best full moon coocooness.
today,in 1969 the Allende meteorite largest of it kind hit earth near chihuahua Mexico.
today, in 1587 Mary 1, Queen of Scotts lost her head... keep yours.

We had the Dallas Dept of Code Compliance come and remove all of the 'open house' signs off the grass for the neighborhood off of private property...

fire and ambulances have been zipping by.
I think I'll meditate tonight.

this will be one of 3 penumbral 2009 eclipses well there's a partial full moon eclipse coming at the end of the year.
This will be a full eclipse viewable more on the west coast and best in Alaska, China, Hawaii, New Zealand, etc.

  • An annular solar eclipse on January 26.
  • A penumbral lunar eclipse on February 9.
  • A penumbral lunar eclipse on July 7.
  • A total solar eclipse on July 22.
  • A penumbral lunar eclipse on August 6.
  • A partial lunar eclipse on December 31

Danjon scale

The following scale (the Danjon scale) was devised by André Danjon for rating the overall darkness of lunar eclipses:

L=0: Very dark eclipse. Moon almost invisible, especially at mid-totality.
L=1: Dark Eclipse, gray or brownish in colouration. Details distinguishable only with difficulty.
L=2: Deep red or rust-colored eclipse. Very dark central shadow, while outer edge of umbra is relatively bright.
L=3: Brick-red eclipse. Umbral shadow usually has a bright or yellow rim.
L=4: Very bright copper-red or orange eclipse. Umbral shadow is bluish and has a very bright rim.

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