Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Touching meditation...

My Birthday eve. I have done some touching meditation today...
Very fulfilling, very soothing, if you enjoy being touched or touching:
this may be for you.

Here's a suggestion on what to do
find a quiet location, -maybe a bed room, a sunny room with flowers,
a small fountain, maybe a meadow.

Light some candles and some incense.
Put out comfortable pillows for your partner, blankets if necessary.

begin gentle touching the feet, the toes, ankles, then up the legs, and on up the back.
you just concentrate on the feel of the energy in various positions.
Feel as if you are radiating unconditional love like light rays out of your palms and fingers.
Imagine it is penetrating their skin about 3 inches.

Feel you removing energy blockages, keep you heart happy, your thoughts clear, focusing on positive things.
You may be thinking blockages cleared, completely healed.

This is wonderful meditation. Your partner will appreciate the gift. You will feel great for giving with out expectation.
Hold someone you care about.
Let the universal energy source flow into you and then the excess into your friend.

Share your universal Love.
Love will help them heal
this Love will help you heal.

Om Shanti...

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