Sunday, March 1, 2009

Enough Focus

Many time the sun's rays focused through a magnifying glass will start a nice fire you, when you need it, say in the woods and your matches are wet.

This is not enough to power a house though with solar collection. The same principle is being applied in solar electric generator plants, where 100's of movable dishes tract the suns path, reflecting it back to the collection tower. Here it is used to create heat to power steam generators. This device was made famous by James Bond. Oh course, it's destructive abilities were magnified into imagination for the movie.

Deep impact with Mr Duval, is similar in magnifying technology into imagination, to alter the course of an earth bound asteroid. Space cowboys did the same thing theme. What can we do?
do we need all of this expensive tech?
NDE'ers or people with Near Death Experiences contact Angels or Divine beings and gain comfort, and insight.
Benevolent Outcome practicers ask for and receive Angelic aid in every thing from a parking space at the store, to major life healings, finding the perfect partner and more.

So what could we do move an asteroid or comet from killing earth again like is theorised for ending the age of the Dinosaurs?

Run.... ok but where? to the Angels... ok I believe this would work.

Lets look at another idea. If enough people want to attract the destruction of earth or partial destruction... This train of thought says that we will attract the Presidents, Congress, Asteroids, comets - what ever to answer our predominant prayer or telepathic wishes.

So, there are several groups out there like the Peace Project, and the Transcendental Meditation folks, who are working to build enough Focus to bring these kinds state to man.

The idea is having enough Focused energy, from enough focused people, will create peace. Even physicists show proof of this now. But how many is enough?

In the movies folks are focused on the earth destoying events, through the TV mostly world coverage. But what are they feeling? Peace? no they are feeling aprehension, fear, helplesness.
This is probably what they would feel. But what do we need?

We need focused feelings of Peace. It is said that to create a new car or a lottery win, or...
on needs to have all of the details of 'thing' that is desired - AND the feeling of what is like when one actually 'has' it. So, we need focused folks who feel 'Peace' in order to have peace.

Or to have peaceful happy world - impact from space free - we would need enough peaceful happy people focusing on this to avert the comet. So may be it would be better to hide the knowledge away from the terrifiable masses and have a group of peaceful happy focused few avert the disaster.

So here it is:
Feel nonviolence, and a loving supportive rainbow colored aura emanating from you, daily in mediation, and connecting this happy peacful focus with the planetary grid of 'good vibes'.

this we can do today, and every day towards peace.

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