Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Are You Immune to Rejection?"

by Peter Ragnar

The most successful people I know are unaffected by the past and immune to rejection. They are probably the wealthiest people I know, as well. There are always some disenfranchised souls who will be ready to rain on your parade, if you let them; fearful little creatures whose only joy in life is tearing others down and ripping up their dreams. Oh, and don't let me forget their most audacious act of rebellion-blowing their car horns in a tunnel. All courageous and lucky souls must deal with the people in the dark who never venture beyond the fence of chance.

"Why don't you get a real job...?"

...The plant foreman used to say this to me. He'd go on to say, "I could probably put in a good word for you if you quit reading them stupid books. Why, you think you're gonna get rich, don't you?"

"I'm already rich," I replied as I walked away from the idiot.

Successful people are drawn to successful people who see unlimited possibilities. Successful people aren't looking for jobs, they are looking for opportunities that lead to fortunate encounters.

This is simple stuff for many of us... and highly complicated for the majority ...but if you would like to release your inner talents you may like to look over more...

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