Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Are Ghosts Keeping you Broke?

~ The Ghosts of Relationships, and Businesses Past can keep you down....
Are Ghost Keeping You Broke?

Ghosts of Memories Past keep us in our tiny boxes.
The hurts, bruises and failures of past
relationships and businesses ~ (MLM?s)

There is a way out ~ that is love and how to use it.

These Ghosts are with us to (hopefully) avoid the pain we felt
of having our dreams being dashed on the rocks again...
and again....
~ after all, how much can we take?

You see our Dreams or hopes or visions or goals are the most
precious things we have as human beings.

Forgiveness is the way, forgive others, forgive ourselves.
But How?

We need a friendly teacher, a real guru (dispeller of darkness)

When we are ready, the teacher appears, but how do we
get ready?

1 - Face the Ghosts ~ clean up the Ghosts ! Forgiveness.

2 - Admit being sorry for your part of any hurts.
~100% responsibility

3 - Ask for forgiveness ~

4 - State your Love ~ I Love You !
~something in your guts will release... AAAhhhh !

get a e-book version of Dr. Joe Vitale's
$29 hardback now - online: My gift to him and to YOU...

Joe's Hawaiian friend, cleaned up a whole prison
for the criminally insane -
using only this technique inside his own heart
- not seeing inmates nor staff...

Ok, How? get, read and 'Do' the book
& / Or

Then when you are ready:

(or you feel you are ready)
and you...

~ Ask for more... (relationships / Finances)

~ then:

Have the courage to see what the Divine brings you;
~look ... breath deeply , relax, study, practice, build your
skills in relationships / Finances...


we have found a truly wonderful business adventure
for your consideration
Interview - on the Holistic Radio Show.

Happiness:= forgiving | something to love | something to do...

Listen to radio show interview | blog


Colin Ryane ~ co -Host
Colin is producer of the
Happiness Coaching ~worldwide
Qigong Coach ~Dallas, TX


Monday, October 12, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Full Moon of Enlightenment

Today's full moon is held my by many to be the day that Buddha became enlightened.
The day he realized the truth of all existence.

As Swami Shivananda sang to remind us of the middle path:

eat a little,
drink a little,
meditate a little,
exercise a little,
chant a little,
mix a little,
move a little,

serve a little,
enjoy a little,
do rosary a little, (mala -chant God's name a little)
work a little,
study a little,

the middle way is the way of disciplining our minds.

The easiest of all paths, today is simple remembering God, as many times a possible, daily.
Dedicate everything we do to God is a way remembering.

Swami Shivananda used to bow to everything, to see God in it...
trees, servants, scholars, Dr.'s, Presidents, the road, fish, tigers,
even the porcelain of the sink and toilet. !

meditate on the fullness of the moon, it's color, and it illuminating the darkness on earth...
the darkness of all people, not just the ones we like...

Let the love of the universe enter heart as will.

I've been instructed to 'See God everywhere'
since I love trees, it was natural and easy for me to see God in each leaf, even the blades of Grass, but in the lawn mover?

do I have to???....
we all have our lessons.
Saluting the God or Goddess in you...may you feel it too.... deeply...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu Alert - What is it ? What to do... Garlic ++

Swine Flu Alert - Time to Worry? What is it?
~ The Nations Best Known herbalist Tells the story...
May 5, 2009
ALERT: A Dr. Schulze Quick Report - The Truth About Swine Flu

What We Know:

There has been an outbreak of influenza. It seems to have started in Mexico and has spread to Texas, California, New York and other states. It has also spread to Canada and other parts of the world.

At this time there is no real need to panic, unless you want to sell newspapers or drugs, but it is important to be cautious. We should all intensify our health safety protocols as if it was October and influenza season was just starting, not May and influenza season ending.

I will outline my Health Safety Protocols at the end of this report, but first, let me give you a little information.

What is the Swine Flu?

Influenza virus infects both humans and animals. The two main animal viruses are the Bird Flu, which affects birds, and the Swine Flu (officially called SIV, or Swine Influenza Virus) that is a respiratory viral disease of pigs.

Occasionally humans get both of these viruses, but usually only a very few people get infected and usually these people have had direct contact with the sick animals. It is not normal, and very difficult, for these animal viruses to spread from human-to-human.

When they do, as it is suspected now, it can be dangerous. In the past when this happens, and an animal virus starts spreading from human-to-human (and does this easily), it usually also dies out quickly. But, on rare occasions, it can cause a pandemic, which is a widespread, worldwide epidemic, making millions sick and killing millions more. Notably, this happened in the 1890's with the Russian Flu, the most famous being the Spanish Flu of 1918 that killed about 100 million people on the planet (killing more people than the Black Death of Europe in the 1300's), and the Hong Kong Flu of 1957 that almost killed me.

This current Swine Influenza outbreak may actually not even be a Swine Flu virus at all. It is suspected that it may be caused by a new strain of Influenza type A, subtype H1N1, and also a blend of an avian (Bird Flu) and possibly a few strains of Swine Influenza Virus all mixed together in a dangerous and potentially lethal new viral cocktail. But, identifying viruses, especially rapidly, is not an exact science.

Should You Worry?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Coral Castle Floating Stones...

Floating Stones may be the way it was:
Numerologist & Kabalaist Jean-Pierre has postulated this in his professor days in Africa
see his interview.

A new old way...

If you read one book this year on any subject, read this one:

'Ishmael' (Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit)
was a circus ape running ads in newspapers and educating us on the difference and collapse of the worlds way of living in harmony and peace for millions, maybe hundreds of millions of years on this blue ball floating in space in a galaxy not to far, far away....

This ape is fiction but his message is not. Have you read it? from Cain & Able on down man has not only managed to help destroy this planet, but also himself, or at least to bolster the money crazed "health Care industry" - rather sick care.

Where is loving peaceful ways of the garden of eden - were they myth? or real?
if you have seen the movie the The Gods Must Be Crazy you will glimpse a real world where until as recently as that movie was made these loving little people lived, played, and died in very peaceful, and very healthy world of the Kalahari.

John Robbins the son of the ice cream empire by that name, found early on that this life style was not not healthy, but needed to know why. In his first book "Diet for New America" in his research John discovered what no one had know before, that the meat industry was killing our planet and us; using to much of our precious water, too much of our land to grow food for animals, and the waist of the animals was contributing too much to global warming - the methane gasses from cow flatulence, and from the manure are green house gasses.

But the biggest thing he discovered is the dying of the human heart to feel compassion, and love for our fellow beings on this earth.

Well I would say read that book if you haven't but first...
If you don't read anyother book this year read
his latest one:

Staying Healthy at 100 - How to get healthy at any age....

You'll discover with him the 3 ancient cultures that out lived us all - Hunza, the Okinawan,
where our modern diseases were unknown like cancer and heart disease.

You will discover two cultures that have existed and thrived for over 50,000 years and right here under our noses - where healthy longevity, harmony and loving peace, and even abundance, are the way of live.

John puts it all into perspective of how to live healthy, right now, in our culture, Holistically -
weigh the right weight for your body automatically, live disease free, and what to do help us all on the blue ball, live peaceful, happy, lives.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Snow Rollers

Nature is amazing ~

On the evening of March 31st, 2009, Tim Tevebaugh was driving home from work east of Craigmont in the southern Idaho Panhandle (see map below). Across the rolling hay fields, Tim saw a very usual phenonmena. The snow rollers that he took pictures of are extremely rare because of the unique combination of snow, wind, temperature and moisture needed to create them. They form with light but sticky snow and strong (but not too strong) winds. These snow rollers formed during the day as they weren't present in the morning on Tim's drive to work.

this was on the Spokane, WA national weather service site.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

"We the People" to "King of the World": "YOU'RE FIRED!" ...a letter from Michael Moore

Friends,begins Michael Moore... (my comments at the end)

Nothing like it has ever happened. The President of the United States, the elected representative of the people, has just told the head of General Motors -- a company that's spent more years at #1 on the Fortune 500 list than anyone else -- "You're fired!"

I simply can't believe it. This stunning, unprecedented action has left me speechless for the past two days. I keep saying, "Did Obama really fire the chairman of General Motors? The wealthiest and most powerful corporation of the 20th century? Can he do that? Really? Well, damn! What else can he do?!"

This bold move has sent the heads of corporate America spinning and spewing pea soup. Obama has issued this edict: The government of, by, and for the people is in charge here, not big business. John McCain got it. On the floor of the Senate he asked, "What does this signal send to other corporations and financial institutions about whether the federal government will fire them as well?" Senator Bob Corker said it "should send a chill through all Americans who believe in free enterprise." The stock market plunged as the masters of the universe asked themselves, "Am I next?" And they whispered to each other, "What are we going to do about this Obama?"

Not much, fellows. He has the massive will of the American people behind him -- and he has been granted permission by us to do what he sees fit. If you liked this week's all-net 3-pointer, stay tuned.

I write this letter to you in memory of the hundreds of thousands of workers over the past 25+ years who have been tossed into the trash heap by General Motors. Many saw their lives ruined for good. They turned to alcohol or drugs, their marriages fell apart, some took their own lives. Most moved on, moved out, moved over, moved away. They ended up working two jobs for half the pay they were getting at GM. And they cursed the CEO of GM for bringing ruin to their lives.

Not one of them ever thought that one day they would witness the CEO receive the same treatment. Of course Chairman Wagoner will not have to sign up for food stamps or be evicted from his home or tell his kids they'll be going to the community college, not the university. Instead, he will get a $23 million golden parachute. But the slip in his hands is still pink, just like the hundreds of thousands that others received -- except his was issued by us, via the Obama-man. Here's the door, buster. See ya. Don't wanna be ya.

I began my day today in Washington, D.C. I went to the U.S. Senate and got into their Finance Committee's hearing on the Wall Street bailout. The overseers wanted to know how the banks spent the money. And many of these banks won't tell them. They've taken trillions and nobody knows where the money went. It certainly didn't go to create jobs, relieve mortgage holders, or free up loans that people need. It was so shocking to listen to this, I had to leave before it was over. But it gave me an idea for the movie I was shooting.

Later, I stopped by the National Archives to stand in line to see the original copy of our Constitution. I thought about how twenty years ago this month I was just down the street finishing my first film, a personal plea to warn the nation about GM and the deadly economy it ruled. On that March day in 1989 I was broke, having collected the last of my unemployment checks, relying on help from my friends (Bob and Siri would take me out to dinner and always pick up the check, the assistant manager at the movie theater would sneak me in so I could watch an occasional movie, Laurie and Jack bought an old Steenbeck (editing) machine for me, John Richard would slip me an unused plane ticket so I could go home for Christmas, Rod would do anything for me and drive to Flint whenever I needed something for the film). My late mother (she would've turned 88 tomorrow if she were still with us) and my GM autoworker dad told me in the kitchen they wanted to help and handed me a check for an astounding thousand dollars. I didn't know they even had a thousand dollars. I refused it, they insisted I take it -- "No!" -- and then, in that parental voice, told me I was to cash it so I could finish my movie. I did. And I did.

So on that March day in 1989, as I was driving down Pennsylvania Avenue, my 9-year-old car just died. I coasted over to the curb, put my head down on the steering wheel and started to cry. I had no money to take it in to be repaired, and I certainly had nothing to pay the tow truck driver. So I got out, screwed the license plates off so I wouldn't be fined, turned my back and just left it there for good. I looked over at the building next to me. It said "National Archives." What better place to donate my dead car, I thought, as I walked the rest of the way home.

Though it wasn't easy for me, I still never had to suffer what so many of my friends and neighbors went through, thanks to General Motors and an economic system rigged against them. I wonder what they must have all thought when they woke up this Monday morning to read in the Detroit News or the Detroit Free Press the headlines that Obama had fired the CEO of GM. Oh -- wait a minute. They couldn't read that. There was no Free Press or News. Monday was the day that both papers ended home delivery. It was cancelled (as it will be for four days every week) because the daily newspapers, like General Motors, like Detroit, are broke.

I await the President's next superhero move.

Michael Moore
(Go State!)

P.S. Please know that it has not been lost on any of us from the Rust Belt how our corporate bigwigs were treated (remember, the auto companies wanted a loan, not a handout) compared to how the titans of Wall Street got trillions of free cash, lunch at the White House and a photo op with the Prez. Trust me, we get it. And, if there is a God in heaven, the thieves of Wall Street will soon pay. Also... the sight of our president having to promise that he would back every GM warranty and give consumers a bonus if they trade in their old Grand Am for a hybrid, was alternately sad, hilarious, and just plain weird. This is what it's come to: the Commander in Chief of the Free World is now Mr. Goodwrench. Jeesh.

As Consciousness rises growing pains will show, Karma is powerful, and that the US citizens are paying the bill and our childrens, childrens, children and then some, we have been pushed over the edge, just at times in the past a sleeping giant seems to have awaken.

Blogging and video cell phones and the power of Google bringing it all together should not be overlooked. The 'infra' structure of technology is mimicking our own native telepathy that most choose to ignore - or have been trained to ignore, and have been drugged for experiencing it as children or adults.

Check out the movie Thunderheart... understand the Native Americans know when and where to come together without any telepones, cell phones, computers, not even word of mouth, they just use the their own un meterabel, un marketable, god given telepathy and know to pay attention to it and respond.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The New Consciousness...

Wow the worlds major cities linking awareness that green house gasses are causing trouble to our blue ball, in a peaceful, artistic manner is a first in modern history.

We are gaining momentum in raising consciousness, becoming more 'other' minded or 'us' minded over the 'me' or 'mine' mindedness.

Now we have another first a President Firing a CEO, one who seems to have stood in the way of cleaner air, and cheaper to operate vehicles. I am going to post Michael More's Comments on this
as he has an very unique personal perspective on GM.

Keep up the grand work on meditating in the silence the depth of peace, and unity of consciousness.

This weekend in Dallas is the Peace conference, where folks learn how to actually create peace.
may you experience real peace, daily and always...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Did you see the lights go out?

We did. We went down to Kalachandjis restaurant for their vegetarian buffet.
The Hari Krishna were singing and Dancing in the temple next door - we visited for a few minutes.
Wow the carved wooden statuary inside the temple is the most amazing creations of art.

The Tall Dallas Buildings went dark right at 8:30 P as we drove around the city, approaching it from Fair Park on I30. We drove over to the new Hunt building, the one that looks like a CPU in lights, and it was dark as well with just one fountain red and blue. The whole city seemed be celebrating in honor of the Save the earth by reducing the carbon foot print.

if you'd like to read more and see more...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour Celebration

today 8:30 PM - 9:30PM local time the world is Celebrating by turning off unnecessary electricity, especially lighting. This is to call world attention to the need to reduce green houses gasses and keep our planet more healthy.

Many places are celebrating here in Dallas tonight. Restaurants are having special candlelight dinners, the Cities of Dallas and Arlington are dimming the city lights, and having parties.

In Australia the Sidney Opera House, dimmed it's lights to boat horns sounding in the harbor, and patrons at a candlelight dinner.

Get out and have some fun.

For a list in Dallas that we know of look here....

Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Moon Today in Aries

Great Day to take a rest,
review your plans,
how they are hitting the targets you set
and modify them if needed - usually just the time table adding needed corrections.

Meditation today is internal and very quiet.

for more the astrological aspects of this moon see this interview by Joni

Good time to start things...

Cheery Day..

Monday, March 23, 2009

Have you wanted to fly? yourself? no plane?

I have had some really great dreams of flying, it really feels great and I have always wanted them to continue.

Take a look at this video it is really amazing of folks flying off Mountain tops, with in inches of the rock face - not for me...

but really amazing. Just click on the picture...

I think I may die doing this but it is fun... If you may be interested in exploring Near Death Experiences as well go here...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Law of Attraction + Law of Repulsion = stalled

Why the Law of Attraction fails to work... Have you tried it with out gaining what you wanted? Or attracted part of the perfect relationship but not all of it?

Was the guy that showed up, all you ever wanted except he just could make any money? Or he got fat?

Ok, many times we fail to ask for specifically what we want in enough detail to unconfuse the universe for what we want. - how many times have you looked at movie star or guy in a bar and emotionally said yea! that's what I want;
- yep, you have forgotten all about it;
- but you have confused the subconscious and the Universe;
- they have recorded all your wants- even from past lives - Teeheehee...

Well, lets say you get all that right. but inside you still feel unworthy of a guy who has it all including the money...Now what? You will sabotage yourself, do something stupid, like go out with his broke friend or...
you get the idea.

This is what happens, when call up the vision of the perfect guy, (example only), you also activate all the inner junk that has prevented you from having it thus far...

Say for example as a kid you knew a rich guy who abused you, because he now you inwardly may hate rich guys...

What to do? Well first off recognise that there is a problem that is preventing the Law of Attraction to function inside you. The Law of Attraction really does work - it just may not for you, right now, but, it will.
Just learn how to clear the blockages from point 'A' = where you are now;
to point 'B' where you want to be.
Next, realize that you always have point 'A',
but if you fail to have a point 'B',
you will cease to live, and start to decay process to die faster.

This is what happens to those who just give up.

You are not givening up? Great.

The best thing I can do then, to help you with this, is to refer you to a pro:
Rev. Jan Gentleman-Ingersoll. Her story illuminates her book on identifying the blockages with in you, and releasing them; freeing you to enjoy the full use of the Law of Attraction.

Listen to Jan's interview here:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

Can you see me? I am here! We are here too... come join us.

Celebrate with us today ~
in your unique way...

The renewal of Spring!

Cheery Day from us at the
Holistic Radio

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Balance of Day and Night on Earth

Tomorrow is the celebration all over the earth and in every religion of the sun setting off Spring; from the Egyptians 2700 BC to now, Easter, Passover, Pagan and Wiccan; in fact:

The March equinox marks the first day of various calendars including the Iranian calendar and the Bahá'í calendar.[2] The Persian (Iranian) festival of Nowruz is celebrated then. According to the ancient Persian mythology Jamshid, the mythological king of Persia, ascended to the throne on this day and each year this is commemorated with festivities for two weeks. These festivities recall the story of creation and the ancient cosmology of Iranian and Persian people. It is also a holiday for Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Zanzibar, Albania, and various countries of Central Asia, as well as among the Kurds. As well as being a Zoroastrian holiday, it is also a holy day for adherents of the Bahá'í Faith and the Nizari Ismaili Muslims. Want more?

But just what is this balance of day and night? this equinox?:

Length of equinoctial day and night

On a day of an Equinox, the center of the Sun spends a roughly equal amount of time above and below the horizon at every location on the Earth, night and day being of roughly the same length. The word Equinox derives from the Latin words aequus (equal) and nox (night); in reality, the day is longer than the night at an Equinox. Commonly, the day is defined as the period when sunlight reaches the ground in the absence of local obstacles. From the Earth, the Sun appears as a disc rather than a single point of light, so when the center of the Sun is below the horizon, its upper edge is visible. Furthermore, the atmosphere refracts light, so even when the upper limb of the Sun is below the horizon, its rays reach over the horizon to the ground. In sunrise/sunset tables, the assumed semidiameter (apparent radius) of the Sun is 16 minutes of arc and the atmospheric refraction is assumed to be 34 minutes of arc. Their combination means that when the upper limb of Sun is on the visible horizon, its center is 50 minutes of arc below the geometric horizon, which is the intersection with the celestial sphere of a horizontal plane through the eye of the observer. These cumulative effects make the day about 14 minutes longer than the night at the Equator and longer still towards the Poles. The real equality of day and night only happens in places far enough from the equator to have a seasonal difference in day length of at least 7 minutes, actually occurring a few days towards the winter side of each Equinox.

The date at which the time between sunset and sunrise crosses 12 hours, is known as the equilux. Because sunset and sunrise times vary with an observer's geographic location (longitude and latitude), the equilux likewise depends on location and does not exist for locations sufficiently close to the equator. The Equinox, however, is a precise moment in time which is common to all observers on Earth.

so in what ever way you will celebrate remember who are, where you are, and feel in meditation the Balance..


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Interest is Power....

Benjamin Franklin said it: Compound Interest is the most powerful force on the planet.
Is it healthy? who pays and why?
Who gets it an why?
Balance is the way of the future her on earth, the pendulum swings.
AGI has brought huge dissatisfaction to the masses for using US Taxpayers money to
give million dollar bonuses to 17 of their top management for being to stupid and imprudent
to foresee and solve the problem they are in. What will happen here? our leaders will decide...

But for some sane people here's what they are doing about their money right now... just click on the Picture to view the 9 minute video...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Bird Flew for St Patty...

Well one baby bird decided to try his wings and into the corner he went, right next to the window, Mamma bird flew after him, and we lost track of him as it was right at dusk.

A cat showed up on the table in the morning light; chased off my me...
meddling again, but I just could stand it...

Mama fed the sister in the hanging nest while dad checked out the corner floor for JR. but did find him there.

I haven't see him either. We ask for most Benevolent Outcome for this bird family.

If you would like a benevolent outcome too check this out...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thankfulness, Awesome power of Nature

I posted our sadness the day after we discovered that the morning doves, nesting in our hanging bougainvillea, on the back patio, had left the nest all night during a freeze. I had moved the basket with bird sitting inside to a hook closer to the windows, to keep the flower and the bird warmer.

Well, when in the middle of the night, we discovered there was no bird on the nest we went to bed very sad - we just really knew these eggs were now dead from the cold.

Susan moved the basket back out and the bird resumed sitting on the eggs. We 'knew' they were dead but she didn't - even more sadness...

Well here's the picture of the power of nature... You can see each of the head on either side of the mother.

Well here there are -really amazing us that they are back, in spite of me moving their nest. For more great stories of nature see the middle section called 'fun and goodies'

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Let those who've been there... tell you...

Want to see if you really are a spirit or not?
Listen to folks who have been there, died on the table, legally dead, and came back.

This may be the evidence you need to believe more about who you really are.
No need to believe me, nor the dictionary, you are so programmed by society's ignorance and lies, you don't know who you are.

Hard on you?

It is pretty hard on the folks who die and figure it out too...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where do you hide spiritual powers?

right out in the open in plain site.
What is a spiritual being?
an Angel right?
a close encounter with an alien being right?
What does Webster say?
spirit - the animating force of the body....

so you are the spiritual being the radiant one the being of light...
How are you hiding? In the simple belief that you are not...

How simple is that? How out in the open is this?
You are hiding in plain site.

and because you are hiding even from yourself, you are hiding the powers that
you innate have.

lets take a few...
the power to be on time..
ya right? that's a power?
well think about it. You have to avoid accidents, have gas in your car, or the airplane has to fuled inspected and a 1000 or so people have to do their jobs to get you or rather help to get you where you are going, on time.
Heck even the weather has to co-operate.
and you think you don't have any powers?

well that's ok just ask your Angels for help... they will. How? now you know...

more on your powers soon.

Please do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to change your entire life's philosophy, your whole view point, find a good dictionary maybe online. And read the the long definition of spirit...

enjoy, the magnificence of God is more than anyone has realized, except a few. But they are only the way showers for you - you have to see for yourself...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Consciousness or....

Sometimes we over look the obvious because, I feel we are on auto pilot and not 'here' now or just not present...I have driven with knowing the traffic flow, avoided accidents the same way; I have friends who can sleep while they drive with one eye slightly open, others who read books while they drive; one even has driven blind folded while investigating ESP.

This video puts a simple way to live in a daily stressful situation - be more conscious, be more 'present' in reality just plain interest, awareness and commonsense willing to experiment and be patient.

Struggling with the idea of 'Sacrifice' growing up in the Presbyterian church, I over shot the arena to look at, I tried to see how letting me be killed on a cross could help anyone, or how Socrates had to die all he had to do was go live somewhere else.

But, here is a simple example of how 'sacrificing' ones position for just a few seconds can make such a difference for more peace in their lives and helping others at the same time.

The true mark of a leader has been to elevate their underlings over themselves, to let their students go first, to get on board first.... There's a lot here for food for thought. Maybe we would like to find others who feel the same way.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Angels and little Girls...

Men In Black II Showed the real success of the post office,
This goodie is just to wonderful not to share.
May your day be more smiley and watch for more Benevolent outcomes...

There is a God in the Post Office.

This is one of the kindest things I've ever experienced. I have no way to know who sent it, but there is a beautiful soul working in the dead letter office of the US postal service.

Our 14 year old dog, Abbey, died last month. The day after she died, my 4 year old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey.. She asked if we could write a letter to God so that when Abbey got to heaven, God would recognize her. I told her that I thought we could so she dictated these words:

Dear God,

Will you please take care of my dog? She died yesterday and is with you in heaven. I miss her very much. I am happy that you let me have her as my dog even though she got sick.

I hope you will play with her. She likes to pl ay with balls and to swim. I am sending a picture of her so when you see her. You will know that she is my dog. I really miss her.

Love, Meredith.

We put the letter in an envelope with a picture of Abbey and Meredith and addressed it to God/Heaven. We put our return address on it. Then Meredith pasted several stamps on the front of the envelope because she said it would take lots of stamps to get the letter all the way to heaven. That afternoon she dropped it into the letter box at the post office. A few days later, she asked if God had gotten the letter yet. I told her that I thought He had.

Yesterday, there was a package wrapped in gold paper on our front porch addressed, 'To Meredith , 'in an unfamiliar hand. Meredith opened it. Inside was a book by Mr. Rogers called, 'When a Pet Dies.' Taped to the inside front cover was the letter we had written to God in its opened envelope. On the opposite page was the picture of Abbey & Meredith and this note:

Dear Meredith,

Abbey arrived safely in heaven.

Having the picture was a big help. I recognized Abbey right away.

Abbey isn't sick anymore. Her spirit is here with me just like it stays in y our heart. Abbey loved being your dog. Since we don't need our bodies in heaven, I don't have any pockets to keep your picture in, so I am sending it back to you in this little book for you to keep and have something to remember Abbey by .

Thank you for the beautiful letter and thank your mother for helping you write it and sending it to me. What a wonderful mother you have. I picked her especially for you.

I send my blessings every day and remember that I love you very much.

By the way, I'm easy to find, I am wherever there is love.

Love, God

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Full Moon, OMG...

Thank you Kelly Thomas for this wonderful shot in FL, on the 9th. Dallas, had a small moon dog, dancing in and out of the clouds, then round and clear after 10:30 last eve.

It is wonderful that we do get 3 days of Full and new moons to play with.

I can meditate on this one just in the picture.

You may want to use pics like these to decorate your space.
Who knows you just may find your perfect match for business or play.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Full Moon, rainy flowers in Dallas

Happy full moon
I think we will be meditating indoors tonight in rainy Dallas, TX

I thought you may enjoy these flowers, during the rain.

Happy day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Full Moon in Leo Cometh

Tuesday March 10 is a Full Moon, Venus goddess of Love and Money, is in a holding pattern.
There' s lots going on and it will be a good time meditate if you can see it.
There's storms tearing up power lines, rain foretasted and thunder storms.
To a western astrologer this is a moon in Vergo, but to the vedic it is Leo.
with all this stuff going on I'm beginning to think Vedic makes more sense
as Fixed signs cause more problems. I know from a holistic seed planter friend of mine the best time to plant by the moon is the sideral zodiac or the same the Vedic astrologers use such as
Joni Patry. Here' s a bit of info she put out about the Month of March.

I see my friend Meso Fine has more details of the coming days of March.

May be March will go out like a Lamb as it sure has come in like a Lion.
Do view the beautiful Venus in the night sky , and some meditation on here over the next few weeks may be beneficial - I'll let you know what I discover.

Here's Joni:

This is the month to expect enormous shifts and changes. It will be a very explosive and difficult time. Mars nears the opposition to Saturn and Mars crosses Neptune approaching Uranus. I have never seen a month with such an array of extreme aspects. The exact opposition of Mars oppose Saturn is April 4th and April 15th Mars will conjunct Uranus. So April will be just as eventful! But this month of March will begin the shake ups that make this year of 2009 transformational.

The New Moon chart for this month is the chart to be used for making world predictions for the entire year of the time frame from March of 2009 to March of 2010. In India a chart is drawn up on the day of the New Moon in Pisces. The longitude and latitude for each country or city to be looked at is used to make predictions for that particular place.

This is an extremely eventful and extreme chart. The world will never be the same after this month. There could be assassination attempts and riots that create a world of social unrest and calamity. more...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bees - the Secret Life...

Would you have thought that Bees, hornets, and Wasps would need love?
I have known this from birth; my dad was an entomologist. He would say: just be calm and they don't want to sting you; they don't because a honey bee can sting once - and dies. A hornet or wasp can do so many times - this it does to stun it's prey.

The movie The Secret Life of Bees, brings this point home, so well as Queen Latifa, points out - just love them, and her calming 'presence' in the movie is felt even by the movie viewer. So the Bees must feel it. and they do. Plants do as well, animals too, ask any animal communicator.

So if those around you can feel the peace and presence of your LOVE why don't we put out more of this Love? More often? More frequently? To More People? At More times of the day?
In our Sleep?
In our work place?
well? what do you think?

Love is a spiritual power- some call it 'Universal' Love or 'Unconditional' Love as opposed to I will love you for sex, if you will cook for me - I'll bring home the food... routine.

The masters of some Zen Monasteries do the cooking for they have the best Loving consciousness to put into the food, and hasten their students development.

Why don't we do more ? mostly because we don't believe that we can. Jesus walked away from the angry mobs ready to stone Mary Magdalen: he had the power of peace - more than just words...

The lion laying with them lamb is more than and idea.
My Yoga teacher meditated on the banks of the Ganges river and tigers come and drink even a few yards away from him. They didn't bother him - but they could have... He also slept in a scorpion infested hand hewn rock shelter in the ground. He had developed the power of a mantra over scorpion & snake bits to diffuse their venom.

Love is a power full attitude, or mental state - it is not the romantic love of the Romance Novels, it is real, tangible able to felt by Bees and everyone else. It is a great inner peace, radiating forth as demonstrated so well by Queen Latifa - and this was not just acting.

'You can't fool Mother nature.'

meditate today:
sitting in silence, breath rhythmic, slow, soft, calmed, stomach in and out just a little
~ feel loving peace, like warm sunshine, radiating out to the world - just like the sun.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is life tough for you?

It is for many, as their dreams and plans are dashed against the rocks, hidden in the lying surf of politicians, bankers and advertising agencies. But what is new? The Royals have been controlling things for 1000's of years.
View the movie Brave heart if you would like some insight into this. Look at the Movies of the National Treasure series or the raiders of the lost ark or....
you get the idea.

The US was born to be different, a place where the light could shine through inspired leaders and dedicated followers. Our founding fathers put great things into place, even the actual construction of the buildings, cities and the art work decorating them. Listen to the interview on the US Capitol the Temple of Man... read the article with the pictures and meanings....

Thomas Jefferson was amazing, GW was a true leader - yes they got their funding from plantations run by slaves, and yes they may have slept everywhere. But they did warn us about the Bankers and not to let them into this country. It lasted until 1812, that was the end.

Today we are seeing the gread of the Banking industry, stealing the money of American generations to come, and banrupting countries all over the world.

So where do we look for help? the government was never meant for this by our founding fathers and the documents that set up this country. Where did they look for help? Some say UFO's maybe so, beings of light or Angels could be anything. As Tom Moore says in his article of Benevolent Outcomes and in his radio interview, some angels actually take human manifested form for up to 2 hours or longer just to help out...

So where did our founding fathers look? to Angels, to beings of light - I beleive, and they did it well.

So can you... Practice. Ask for your moste benevolent outcome in the form of parking space to buy food or rent a movie - and don't be a pig and grab the handicapped spot either !
practice in little things and you will get to the bigger things.

Love you
enjoy life
enjoy the divine company.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Awsomeness of Healing...

there seems to be nothing more spectacular than a breakthrough in healing. Watching Tony Robbins work his NLP magic on an emotionally wounded being live in the audience and seeing him heal- that is - well beyond words.

During counseling sessions of Life Restoration that I occasionally do when one of my clients has experienced a major shock or life upset: the goal is gently clearing the emotional debris, locating the shock or upset, and releasing it's pent up energy back into circulation.

When this occurs, the Angels smile, and any one who sees it, their hearts open wide. After reading Meso Fine's post this morning, my heart is more open and in awe... very nice  Meso.  "When the heart is Right"
by Parris Afton Bonds.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is there Really Life After Death?

If there is, what is it really like 'over there?'

Well, actually, there are several ways to find this out:

1- Practice kabala to gain inner knowledge and you will 'Know' what is like...

2- Meditate on this question and you will get your answers in dreams, visions.

3- Ask the Angels for a Benevolent outcome and to tell you in some way what it
is like...

4- Ask a relative on the other side of life through a medium or one who can
speak with angles.

5- Ask one of the 1000's in the US
who have died on the operating table and have come back.

Of the NDE ers or Near Death Experiencers as they have been studied and named
by PhDs and others about 30 % of them remember their experience on the other

They come back to tell about it and receive various responses from

some are worshipped, some are stoned, condemned laughed at, most just go on
with their lives, some turn toward religion,

others run from it or change.

What on earth is going on here? how can such a few minutes of being 'out'
contribute to such a powerful change in so many?

Yogis have a history of being consulted for their knowledge when a King is
approaching his death. it is this fear of death that has motivated many
for millenniums to seek answers they find no time for during 'normal' life -
waking, sleeping, eating, making love, making more ....of things...

When the do turn towards inquiry it is often too late, as they have grown old,
their minds and bodies are dimmed by worn out parts - or so we believe. So, in
classical yoga there are very few who seek the Truth - the knowledge - the
light - and only a few of them find it.

so out of 100 NDEs 10 -30 people have an unusual experience.

Many slide along a tube into the 'light' to find radiant being who may be recognizable,
and may have things to say; the choice to return to their body may be given.

No matter what happens over 'there' one results seems to be most prevalent
according to Dr Jan Holden, PhD professor of Counseling at N TX U in Denton,
, in her interview me and Merrily Smith.

Love - an unbelievably powerful Love is experienced; so much so that when they
come back from the out of body experience, they make many changes to increase
the power of love in their environments, their families, etc.

Some given the choice to leave for good this 'life' behind want to move on, but
after review with the being of light, decide to stay....

never will consider suicide no matter how bad things get here, they know the
Love and are willing to stay and grow.

Many of the NDErs have 'psychic' experiences: they can see through walls,
listen to conversations out in the hallway, and more. Dr Jan has spoken
to & read 1000's of these folks.

It is so very encouraging to have the old yogic texts verified by common daily
experiences today.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Play the Numbers...

Numbers have always fascinated people who like to play.
it might be counting till 10 or 100 to play hide and seek, or
#3 on the track of horses or dogs, or cars or football jerseys.
People like to play the numbers in cards from old made to Black Jack/

The new Tom Hanks movie about the document with all of the codes of dome in it will create a good stir.

Did you know your birth date and name contain all kinds of secretes to those who can read them about you? Did you know that many corporations pay $1000's of dollars to have their new hires checked out. did you know you can see if a person is honest or not?

Well they can and the secrete of numbers is called Numerology. It is an ancient science. Many today can read these; some better than others. There are classes world wide. Once gentleman named Jean-Pierre is especially adept at it and in teaching others the real secretes of how to use them. If you are reading this blog and listen to his interview on the Holistic Radio Show, then mention it you may receive a sizable discount in this Month on a personal or business reading.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Enough Focus

Many time the sun's rays focused through a magnifying glass will start a nice fire you, when you need it, say in the woods and your matches are wet.

This is not enough to power a house though with solar collection. The same principle is being applied in solar electric generator plants, where 100's of movable dishes tract the suns path, reflecting it back to the collection tower. Here it is used to create heat to power steam generators. This device was made famous by James Bond. Oh course, it's destructive abilities were magnified into imagination for the movie.

Deep impact with Mr Duval, is similar in magnifying technology into imagination, to alter the course of an earth bound asteroid. Space cowboys did the same thing theme. What can we do?
do we need all of this expensive tech?
NDE'ers or people with Near Death Experiences contact Angels or Divine beings and gain comfort, and insight.
Benevolent Outcome practicers ask for and receive Angelic aid in every thing from a parking space at the store, to major life healings, finding the perfect partner and more.

So what could we do move an asteroid or comet from killing earth again like is theorised for ending the age of the Dinosaurs?

Run.... ok but where? to the Angels... ok I believe this would work.

Lets look at another idea. If enough people want to attract the destruction of earth or partial destruction... This train of thought says that we will attract the Presidents, Congress, Asteroids, comets - what ever to answer our predominant prayer or telepathic wishes.

So, there are several groups out there like the Peace Project, and the Transcendental Meditation folks, who are working to build enough Focus to bring these kinds state to man.

The idea is having enough Focused energy, from enough focused people, will create peace. Even physicists show proof of this now. But how many is enough?

In the movies folks are focused on the earth destoying events, through the TV mostly world coverage. But what are they feeling? Peace? no they are feeling aprehension, fear, helplesness.
This is probably what they would feel. But what do we need?

We need focused feelings of Peace. It is said that to create a new car or a lottery win, or...
on needs to have all of the details of 'thing' that is desired - AND the feeling of what is like when one actually 'has' it. So, we need focused folks who feel 'Peace' in order to have peace.

Or to have peaceful happy world - impact from space free - we would need enough peaceful happy people focusing on this to avert the comet. So may be it would be better to hide the knowledge away from the terrifiable masses and have a group of peaceful happy focused few avert the disaster.

So here it is:
Feel nonviolence, and a loving supportive rainbow colored aura emanating from you, daily in mediation, and connecting this happy peacful focus with the planetary grid of 'good vibes'.

this we can do today, and every day towards peace.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Winter Popy...

This rarely seen by me flower, in it's pink, red, orange, yellow & white radiant blooms are just downright inspiring in the leafless days of winter. It handles the freezing ice storms, the 85 degree days, the gray no sun days and the bright sun just draws them out like a magnet. pic credits:

This is such a beautiful flower to meditate on. These are also called the 'field or corn' poppy. One can gaze for many minutes on the fuzzy stems, the fuzzy flower casings that hold the unopened flower; the many forms of the petal in tight, wide, new and old stages. The multi -colored centers, with goodies for bees. Observing them waving at you in the gentle breezes or the strong winds. I think these would be wonderful flowers to decorate with. I have never heard of them used for essential or infused oils for healing, but everyone has heard of the derivatives that are used world wide both legally, and not so, for pain relief.
I don't know where all they will grow, but they do very well here in Dallas, TX and they are worth puting in before the Thanksgiving holidays. They are just beautiful....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy New Moon in Pisces...

Around 8 PM CST is the New Moon in 6 degrees of Pisces.
Whoopee! ??
Well the goodies are this: Pieces is a balanced sign, going deep into the depths and soaring into the heights of heavens, Two fish swimming in opposite directions, yet connected, with a (silver) chord.
so you can get perspectives that are wonderful, to help you in your path to your chosen target.

Find your weaknesses, find your strengths.
Balance these or enlist the help those who can.

Be open in your meditation to experience the garbage with the grand.
today with that knowledge you can float higher,longer, safer, stronger....

Check out your numbers if you like.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Good Day to plan and review...

Great Day to continue planning, meditate with your staff, or senior partners, hold a mastermind group session. Wrap up the old stuff today if you can get it done.
Pack up for the voyage which starts Wednesday.
Get ready behind the scenes, raise the curtain Wed or Thurs or Fri even better - Moon in Aries on Friday.
Look, the idea is the tide is in and high (metaphorically) , then latter in the week will be the best time to launch your projects or new parts of them.

In meditation, ask for the benevolent outcomes for all involved, you can get more instruction on this if you want it.

Peaceful day here in the DFW Metroplex, sun is out, a bit warmer, nice day to get some Vitamin D
as well.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


for today, then hold the breath out for little bit - keep comfortable, not too long...
If you have taken yoga, or are pro runner or martial artist you will recognise the exhaling portion of the breath.

The new moon is coming late Monday or Tuesday, this is the holding out of the breath.
The inner pause of motion of a dancer, chi gong or taichi practitioner when the energy is drawn inward to center of the being or the body and then held for moment, then continues the dance with expansion again.

It is part of the breath of life. A shaman taught me the Aboo breath (you know Aborigines)
A quick inhale then the exhale disappears - the breath is almost just taken into the body, and spirit and never exhaled. It is but imperceptibly slow, I really am not sure it's the same amount that is taken in, it is so little.

If you like to breath, and meditate; [really a good idea to breath, while meditating :-) ]
try the walking breath meditation:

sinc your walking and breathing - a slow walking pace so you can inhale about 3- 4 steps comfortably and the do that same exhaling. Play with the speed, and number of paces, to suit you best. You can feel the beat of the earth. Great to do on the breaking surf, if you are near it.

The new moon slows - good time for break, a mini vacation, a cloistered meeting in a board room to plan - great plan review days today and Monday. Power up your meditation room, or board room.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sitting in the Sun..

What a pleasant idea, for us wintry folks in N America. Where do most of us sit? In the house.
In the office.
What is the air like?
The placement of the items, what is this like?

The art of Feng Shui is very old, has different proponents, and styles.
Alexandra Shaw is the Black Hat school with some simple modifications.
Alex began her study in 1995, since her certification in the early 2001, her stories she receives are really amazing. These sheets came from the Dollar Store, as did the silk flowers. What a simple way to create a peaceful are to meditate in. Alex's methods are simple using icons containing meaning to increase what is wanted in an area.

Whether it may an increase in business, or a re -newed or new relationship, Alex will make over home or business. She travels widely, helping many. Merrily had a few modifications to make in home and office. You can listen in to the interview to get whole scoop.

If you would like to read some very simple things to improve your living environment, press here...

I lived in a 'divorce' in the late 80's in Albuquerque, NM the couple we bought the home from were getting divorced; we got a great deal on the house as they wanted to sell it fast. Little did we know at the time we would get divorced 2 years latter. The placement of something was not right or it may have been to close to a transformer... would have to check things out. Feng shui would have helped for sure.

I know of some who report their back problems cleared up after 'fixing' the feng shui of their home. This is a powerful method, and one to use. Practicing the art of placement is one of the Tantric arts, along martial arts, flower arraingement, and many others.

The ancients used the art of geomancy - the placement of buildings. The pyrimids, the Glastonburry Chappel, and many other temples, churches were build on special lines in the earth. Today builders are conerned with money develpoing land that should not really be lived on. Feng shui is a great way to mitigate the negative effects of stagnent energy.

What a better way to create some nice meditative space, and inspiring areas.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Meditaion scents...

Sitting in a smelly bus station, dusted by traffic dirt and diesel fumes is, in my opinion, not a place to meditate; the noise is an assault as well. Maybe a trip to the cave is in order?

Maybe so; but not for the karma yogis who have come to city to work as light workers.

How to do this? Wel,l meditation once mastered requires no place or space, just an internal entrance into the consciousness. But for an easier time of it:

Get a quiet space or use ear plugs.
One of the quietest places I can think of, would be in a swimming pool, breathing through aqua lung, or with a pipe to the surface... difficult to find safe water with no chlorine. A sensory deprivation tank may be better - Santa Fe used to have them.

Find the comfort you like for sitting, some can stand, some lay; I prefer the sitting.
The use of a fragrance is very helpful. At the time of Christ Frankincense was more valuable than gold. It is a resin taken from a tree. Incense has been used after we got kicked out of the fragrant garden to inspire and move our minds and bodies.. Sandal wood just sends into an altered state of being.

One safe way to get a grand aroma is to put a gallon or so of water into a crock pot, turn it on low, putting in a few drops of essential or infused oil. This will freshen the air, inspire you, and even may help you heal says Rhavda Cooper Emison of TX. She has been growing her own rare herbs, and making expensive rose oil for over 30 years. Her interview on the Holistic Radio Show, has given me ways to think about herbs I've never thought of. Her books and classes are available too.

I have been purchasing my herbs from Pacific Botanicals for 8 years now and making my own tinctures, as well as culinary explorations. I have to purchase the Herb Doc's: Dr Schulze's tinctures when I want the best, as I can't get the quality he does. His videos are really amazing.
I have learned so much over the years from these.

I love the fact that Rhavda is heading a movement to grown our own ! to cut the dependence on foreign oil.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Benevolent Out comes....

Oh , yes indeed. This is what all of us Light Workers desire: The best outcome for all involved.
it differs so much for what most of the world wants: the best for me... which it may be, for a while.
Look at the Marlon Brando character in the God father, he, many times demanded, and got the best the outcome for him. But not for him nor his family in the long run.

So much easier not to have to remember who you told what story too, or what agreement was made, when you have the best possible out come for all concerned.

Also much easier to have help. Enlist the aid of your Guardian Angels, or their helpers, to find you a parking place, the best job or business, or best business partner, or the perfect lover or relationship life partner. Maybe you need help healing, or finding the right person or group to help with this. All you have to do is ask. and know how to do that most effectively.
After all how many times have you cried wolf? or said in your head - I am going to do this....but then don't do it. Have many times have taught your subconscious mind and angels to ignore you in this way?

So, if find that you may need jump starting this practice:

The book the Gentle Way by Tom Moore will help you do just that. In our conversation with him yesterday we discovered he has been teaching this for many years; but only recently has let it out to the public.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Energies...

The sun goes into Pisces today, beginning tonight tune into this new energy to help you along your path to your target. Aquarius is the cool clear air of the icy north, dispassionate to view the details of the path with out concern for the emotions of attachment; but with a view of what is best; what is most effective.

Now for this next month, we will look to the depths and the heights of intuition. Pisces is a feeling sign, one of dreams, intuition, inspiration. It operates largely behind the scenes, like a nurses on quiet ward in a busy hospital, unseen by the incoming traffic of visitors, deliveries, etc.  While they have electronic devices to monitor vital signs, these specialist nurses have always responded to their intuition, knowing when some needs help now.

So in your life, pay attention this month as the moon circles the 12 signs of the zodiac, to your intuition, your dreams, your hunches. This will serve you well.

Meditate on the silence and listen to the silence. For in this silence of calming the mind, the questions, the seeking, can come the information, you can use to make ready for the curtain to rise on your show. All the lighting, sound and video with pyrotechnics, art work, ques and knowledge of the lines practiced and perfected - all behind the scenes of your stage.  This is the time to get a lot of creative work done as well.

Have a wonderful month be like dolphins surfing the large waves.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Love yourself first...

By loving yourself first, you are opening yourself up to love others.
If you are fat, congratulate yourself, for you have created something effectively !
If you are ill, congratulate yourself, for you have done a good job or creation !

Love you fat;
Love your illness;
Love your creation;

By loving it you will move into it, understand it, know how you did it, then
you can change it;
if you choose, too.
Say out loud:
I choose weigh ....
I choose to be healthy, to eat healthy, to think healthy...
I choose to live...

If you can do this
If you can visualize health
meditate on the feeling, movement of health
If can see yourself as healthy
then you are healthy
and your 'real' state will come up to your demands, your expectations.

take charge of your direction in life: consciously.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing 3...

Or is it? What is it? continued....

The Language of Love:

Loving attention is always appreciated, but there is a time for it and everything else under heaven. You tap into the state of permanent love, but think it comes from the partner or can be felt only with them. This is a lie. This here is the source.

The best love I experience is when I get centered and connect my 3 selves together. This is my conscious self (driver of the car) my companion self (the car with all of its power) and my High Self. The bliss and love is fluid healing. This is then passed on to another in healing energy through the hands, eyes, intention, words, etc., etc., etc.

How could the King in “the King and & I” show the love to the European teacher girl?
He tried very hard but he had to die - it was the only way to get around all of his rules and beliefs clashing; to let his son take over the country and make the changes. In this way he could honor the lady’s teaching and ‘love’ both her, and his country.

May you rise above your limiting beliefs; create beliefs that will support you on your path; and experience more of what you want: Pure Love.

oh, are you on a path of your choosing?
This may be the message for you today.
Inspect the path you are on: observe your actions; journal them.
May you then travel the path you want to be treading.

If you can tune into the higher self of person, and help them in the way they recognize as unconditional truth, or love, then they will know you love them. even if it only your smile...

how's that for a new belief?
here's another one:

If we can market to a person in the same manner as above, a product that they instantly recognize as a benefit to themselves, and we only want them to have it because it will help them: then instant love, and money will flow. Reciprocity of the nature of the universe.

Shoot your arrows cupid, please have a conscious aim.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing 2...

Or is it? What is it? continued...
the Language of Love:

A small girl has a little frog, oopps a small boy, (my mistake, our society says little girls don't like little frogs - more beliefs)
and he 'loves' the little frog so he hugs it, just like his mom does to him. He is sending all kinds of good energy to the little green thing. So he is loving it right? to it death, squeezes to hard.

So does he love it? I would say no. I would say he is operating from a preprogrammed behavior and that is not love in my book, but in his.
It doesn't give him (her) the right outcome she is expecting.

So, do feel then, unloved if you don't get bunch of flowers, a card, a nice dinner? Or do you feel unloving if you don't give something to your beloved? These are beliefs. And I would say nothing to do with love - but your rules.

Look inside is there a 'If ....then' rule? I have them.
If she gives me a card... she loves me. she thought enough to go out, look around a store, find a card, sign it, put it in an envelope, and give it to me. There for I am loved. no card, no love, I have been miserable over that rule.

But I forgot the times, she paid for my lunch, my dinner, my bill payments when I couldn't, I forgot that she is tiered when she comes home from working all day, and doesn't feel like talking to me and is 'ignoring' me - right! Only if I have to feel right ! but i am incorrect. She loves me - in her way and in her language.

Truth is I had to learn her language of love, if I wanted to feel it.
To do that I had to get my emotions under control, back into neutral, be Present again, and look at life in the here and now, I had to look in reality.

Did I give her a diamond bracelet? no. Bunches of flowers? nope. What does she really want? Me bring in more than enough income to handle what needs to be taken care of... She does this - she just would like to be matched. Do I ? about 1/2 time yes I do...

So what is love?
Lets look at the first sentence again... Love is flowing positive energy to another. I would like to add and it is mutually felt and reciprocated, in a timeless deep understanding of unemotional joy, peace, and liquid positive energy called 'ananda' or bliss.

Paramahamsa Yogananda chants in 'Oh God beautiful' to the lover thou art love...
this mutual state of energy flowing back and forth around and through the beloved so that one could not say where it starts nor ends. It is a oneness of unconditional love; A focus on each other and not on another. The key is the focus not the object of the focus.

I see that when the focus changes, say a man or women looks to or at another, instead of at the once lover, all hell breaks out in the one who has lost the focus of the other person.
'Hell hath no fury like a women scorned' is the observation of many playwrights.

Love of money is ... this is another belief about love. but the phrase is not this, it is one cannot serve 2 masters. One cannot serve mammon or money or fame and the lord at the same time. If you look at the lives of very wealthy people you will both sides of this: some die penniless, lonely and miserable, others are a blessing to everyone they meet, know and do business with. It is not the money but the attitude about it that is the key.

So, Love lets look at the Chant of 'Oh God Beautiful' again. Some are seeking love - lovers are... some are seeking other things:
In the mountain thou art high, in the river restless, in the ocean grave... You move in many ways, you magical God...
To the sorrowful thou art sympathy, --- can one who is sorrowful feel the loving of another? maybe but that kind of intertwining love sought by the lover is not able to be felt, while the grieving is going on, sympathy is the form of Love Yogananda indicates in this case, at this time, in this temporary situation. (Like medicine it is given for a limited time as it is needed; latter another medicine may be required.)

Paramahamsa Yogananda and great Yogis like Swami Shivananda, act in the present, the 'here and now' they also do not practice the lovers love between the sexes, interesting...
Take Mahatma Gandhi, did he love his wife? and she him? Very deeply, but they only had sex four times ( I believe) and each time they had a child and practiced no sex at other times. does this mean they didn't love each other? It would have in our society - she would have divorced him and the marriage counselors would condemn his actions as well; Simply because of different rules..(If ... then) and beliefs and the idea of 'rightness: my belief is "right" '.

When one applies rules they miss the present situation. Rules are guidelines only, but if you apply the rule unconsciously or unknowingly you may come to wrong conclusion.
'well, love means: ... card, bracelet, hug for over 10 minutes, kiss for over 5 minutes, sex only is such and such a way and not others, dinner, dance, what ever it is the rule inside your program only. There for the joy or feeling of being loved only inside you, or being shunned is inside you as well.
Find the belief, inspect the belief, see if it serves you, change it if you wish...
Change the belief = change the resultant feeling; change the channel.

Take another line of the chant:
To the Yogi thou art bliss....
This is 'Ananda' the liquid light flowing of indescribable bliss of universal love knowing no bounds, no rules, no limitations, no beliefs, but 'IS'. Pure 'hereness'; Pure Presence. Pure 'Knowing'. Pure Truth.

Swami Shivananda sang:
I am neither mind nor body
immortal self I am
Witness of 3 States
Knowledge Absolute.
Sat chit ananda rupa...

Sat: Truth, Knowledge
Chit: Divine spark consciousness
Ananda: Bliss

put all of those together...
and you will experience a permanent LOVE.

More Tomorrow, The Day After...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is a Wonderful thing...

Or is it? What is it?

The Language of Love:

Do you mean by being “Loved” that another is flowing energy towards them in a positive way, and they feel 'loved'?

If so, the converse then seems to be also true:
If I am not feeling 'good' vibes from such and such a person, then they don't love me. or then I don’t feel loved and this is a bad thing…”

Do you see the difference between the two sentences?
You say yes; but do you?
OK, one says I feel love than the second one says I don't... Right?
so, Are you miserable because I lack love...(my comment -is that right?)

Look closer at 2 the sentences: one has 'if ...then' and is different.

When you notice you are saying 'If 'I only had love, 'then' I would or could or... now you can see that there is an expectation that you are operating from a belief.

There are many issues here.
Lets look a bit further.

How do you know that someone is sending love your way...
'cause it feels good' you say...OK
If someone ignores you, then is that unlove? does it feel bad? if a stranger in wall mart doesn't acknowledge your presence as you pass them by and you don't see them either (except to avoid hitting them with your shopping cart) then is that a 'not love' situation?

You say 'no' I hear...
'because I don't expect them too do anything...
so the first sentence is an observation with emotional expectations, the second is both the observation and the emotional expectations. It is a program in you that say poor me: when I push the 'on' button the TV will come come on and will play the 'poor me' program - 'I have no love'; that is what you feel. The preplanned and you feel this -but you can change the channel.

continued on Valentines day... Tommrrow.
pic credit: Cupidon (French for Cupid), by Bouguereau, 1875