Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wild Turky...

Happy Thanksgiving...

A great day to count our blessings and see how we are doing...
You know the cup 1/2 full or 1/2 empty...

The Turkey -

The Original Thanksgiving Turkey was a wild turkey ~a very smart bird; wild ones don't stand around getting fat in the rain and drown like the farm raised ones, purportedly do.

Ben Franklin wanted the wild turkey as the official bird for our new nation - not a bird of prey.

So as you are doing your thanksgiving meditation today, focus on your qualities, note any that are like the farm raised turkey ...

And take steps to more like the Wild Turkey = smart, fast, lean, colorful when needed camouflaged when not, and vegetarian :-)

Have a wonderful Thanks giving...

Greetings to your higherside !

OK the meditation?
a- sit quietly, maybe outside like in this perfect Dallas day ~the hight of the Fall color in the trees...
alough you mind to explore what you like about yourself, the things you did that you like, things thankfull you did.
b-next when they arise or come into view - note the things you didn't like about yourself, or that you didn't do ie: I could have taken 30 seconds and stopped to help that hobbling lady get up the steps... what ever - make a note of them.

Oh, how to change our habits?
Ah, yes

1- Awareness - what are the habits? to find out look at the outcomes you are producing.
2- KIV what are the outcomes you want? Keep In View the outcome i.e.: put a 3x5 card with 135 #'s written on it, stand on it daily - when you get up and just before bed, and see it there.
3- make a plan, go to weight watchers if you need a plan...etc.
4- Follow the plan
5- KIV ~ check your progress with your outcome
6- Make adjustments to get step by step to your outcome. You can use the rubber band on the wrist and snap it when you take the bite of chocolate cake, if you need too :-)
keep the punishment very light, in moderation.

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