Friday, November 14, 2008

Chocolate Cake...

Ah the best I have found anywhere in Dallas area is at the Stone Brier Mall in Frisco.
there's a little place in there buy the check out stand across from the bookstore
which holds it in its cool windowed vaults. Many choices the fudge one with chocolate
icing holds #1 in my opinion ~~Ask for extra whipped cream... I like it to go...

Wow that was wonderful...

Now this what tong says to do...

But when I found out that the sugar just feeds all the mold & fungus and cancer in me,
well I just eat it like a would the Mona Lisa in a museum. I'll go and just watch others eat it.

or just imagine it..

What do let rule in your house?
your body or your tong?

We need a little discipline but TV commercials creating you and I as consumers has made it's programming deep with in us.

Chocolate cake zombies....

We have to hypnotize...

and become Consciously healthy

Cheery Day.

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