Friday, November 7, 2008

Gain Energy a how to...

Ok now that you have an idea of what energy is..

How to gain more energy?

1- Stop doing things that rob energy
~ dead food that takes rather than gives energy
~ avoid too much stress and too much exercise

2- Increase energy
~ eat more live food
~ do efficient exercise
~ learn to relax
~ get enough sleep

3- Proper elimination
~ make sure you are regular
- eat more fiber
- see for details
~ get the by products of digestion out
- flush your system each morning
with 2 lemons in 10 -16 ounces of water first thing,
then wait 1/2 hour before any other food or drink...

Ok, we'll explore those basics in coming posts.

Here's one to start with ~

A - basic breathing:

1-exhale comfortably

2-then inhale comfortably, slowly, smoothly about 3/4 full

3-Hold your breath for a count of 3 or 4 - comfortably

4-then slowly exhale. be gentle

repeat this 10 times...

You will have more mental energy, more peace & focus,
be more relaxed, and ready for more of you are doing.

Cheery Day

more tomorrow.

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