Thursday, November 13, 2008

Become the Moon...

A wonderful Meditation on a full moon is this:

sit, stand, or lay comfortably where you can view the moon.

Open you eyes and gaze at the full moon with out winking for
30 seconds.

Then close your eyes and "see" it for 30 seconds.

Then open again and gaze on the full white moon for 1 minute.
Close your eyes again viewing the moon inside for 1 minute.

Next try 1.5 minutes

then 2 minutes

work you way up to 5 min or 10 minutes slowly.

you may want to rest your eyes after 2 minutes by
rubbing your palms together to get the warm or hot,
and the with your eyes closed place your palms over your eyes
~ feel the warmth and rest.

Note:  keep slowly breathing ~your breath may slow almost imperceptible at times as your concentration increases.
You will know when you are breathing ...

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