Sunday, November 9, 2008


Good morning :-)

Are you Smiling a little?


Do nothing ...

How about a day to just do nothing?

In our western world we are bombarded by everything...
Radiation from radio, TV, modems, Cell phones, 120 volt house wiring, computers, electrical fields from our cars engine and on and on...

TV is constantly grabbing our attention for the adds and sexual innuendos, email adds etc.
when you go outside to walk we have our ipods too...

For heavens sake ( to really relax and re-energize - no not with redbull etc.. :-) )
Give your body a break...

and on the 7th day he rested....

try a sensory fast - really a sesnory slow...

This site is all about focus - the Eye of the Tiger- watch a tiger hunting = focus
tiger and lions depend on their hunting skills.
We depend on our ability to focus.

So try a day of Peace.
~Go for a slow walk in silence and listen to natures sounds.
~Many like to fish -lots of focus here -if you can leave the beer alone.
~Lay in a grassy field and view the clouds or play the cloud game - make them disapear just by you focusing on them.
~Lay in hammock under the trees.
~Try keeping silence all day and just observe the world - not the TV -
~Get a grat massage.
~Sit in the sun
~Float on a raft in a lake, or the Ocean -
~My favorite is to float around snorkling, observing natures wonderous colors and life forms, with only the sound of my breathing and the waves.
(Oh yes, stay out of Chlorine and Bhromine pools and hot tubs)

The real trick to all of this of course is to:
"Doing inaction in Action not Action in InAction"

This is called by yogis: Karma Yoga or the Yoga of Acion.

Keep your mind in observing mode not monky chatting mode..
When you find you mind commenting and talking and analyzing
just notice this and remember to go silent once again.
~This of course takes lots of gentle practice - not forcing the mind...
just observing the mind and remembering to go back to caulm and quiet...

Focus or KIV = Keep In View

avoids the # disease and cause of failure today in all area of life:
Vering Disease = going off track.

So practice of Day of Peace and re-energize.

Cheery Day.

Listen in :

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