Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sun rise...

Same time and place...
Every day the sun rises
every day a little different place 1degree change and that is all, sometimes even less.

It moves from the farthest south point at the December Solstice around the 21 rst symbolizing the begining of winter. All major religions have celebrations at this time of year.

The ancient astronomers - (actually the were all astrologers until about 200 years ago..)
were up daily at sun rise, in the same place, tracking the suns position and recording it.

When practicing meditation it is very beneficial to do so at the same time and place.
This time may be based on the sun or the clock.

The anients used the sun for a clock. The animals all got up just before sunrise and so did the farmers to milk cows and more farm duties. The best time of day for meditaion was Brahma muhurta about 1 hour before sunrise - I find the hour before dawn to be one of the best - but you will find yours.

Why? well regularity becomes a habit. The mind will slowly come to know that now is the time to be quiet - just like a child knows a strict bed time if the parents enforce it correctly.

so with mind quiet, and the sleep patterns regular also, you will deepen your meditaion very easily.

Greetings to the all Pervading Light of Tuth of Knowledge, of Love, (or your particular path.)

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