Thursday, November 6, 2008

Energy, Prana, Chi...

What is Energy, Prana, Chi ?

They are the same meaning, but what are they?

The quark in quantum physics is like spark that shows up,
from somewhere. It is said to be light.

I am not this body
~ This body is not mine
I am not this mind
~This mind is not mine.

I am witness of 3 States
~ Knowledge absolute...
I am that I am ... I am that I am...
--Swami Shivananda in beautiful chant...

Yogis know that we are really

Sat Chit Annanda

Sat is Truth (for poor translation)

Chit is Knowledge Absolute (same)
~This is the quark ~ the divine spark
~ Consciousness itself

Ananda means bliss...

Energy is everything as everything vibrates & moves
~only nothing is static

In body mechanics we need about -27 volts in our cells to be healthy...

Less we start to rot, decay and die or illness creaps in.

So the ancients new that to eat a lot
~ eat a little
(then you can live a long time to eat a lot.)

You need a healthy battery in your car or it won't start.
energy is simple
~ breath it, move it around (exercise)
~ bring in the living energetic life force from fresh things
(eliminate the waste)

Chinese use chi gong or chi gung or Zhi ghong many ways to say this
simple exercises
~to bring in energy,
~Store the energy,
~move the energy.
~ heal your self and others with this energy

Yogis do the same
Here in the west we are slowly catching on.

First we have to have desire to know.
usually we don't we just do all the wrong things - programmed by society and TV commercials to die
~eat lifeless dead things wich take energy from us not - - give energy like real food will
~ so we have what is thought of an "enjoyment' or 'party'
- too much booze, spice foods, rich foods, dead foods, (Pizza & beer -or much worse)
- then we get sick
- only then do we seek knowledge... how to get and maintain health?

So energy - we know whether we have it or not, even if we don't know what it is....
we simply feel it or the feel the lack of it...

in Sanskrit this is called roga, boga, and yoga. party, suffer, seek health
or union or truth or knowledge or whatever it means to you...

perhaps we can de-hypnotize ourselves ...

breath in energy,
store the energy,
move the energy
heal with this energy
ourselves and others...


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