Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Follow through...

You set up your week yesterday, and again today.
Now meditate on the silence,

listen to the silence for 5 minutes

well silence is peace it is between the cars going by, the people voices, etc.

easier to hear about 1 - 2 hours before sunrise and the feelings are stronger then as well.

so practice in the early morning and then you'll know how to hear it at other times during the
day as well.


Silence is how we hear our higher inner voice.
Our minds must be silent inside - not the usual chatter.
You can see the bottom of a slow moving clear creek but not
the bottom of a turbulent one.

In this silence are the answers to how we can accomplish our goals and get our wants fulfilled.

Silence is Gold, Silence is the Peace that Paseth all understanding..

It goes above the minds capabilities...

Nicoli Tesla was just walking along as a young man in Budapest (I believe) and it just came to him a picture of the electric motor that universally used today in everything from sump pumps to electric Cars & trains.  He actually drew a picture of it in the dirt to show his friend.

This came from listening to the silence.

Marcel Vogel went into meditation to find the solution to how to stick the electronic media on to computer disks for IBM.  In the silence he got his answer of using molasses in certain way and the rest is history...

What will you find in the silence?

listen in...

and then do you list of things on your to do list....
Surprises may come unexpectedly. 

Cheery Day...

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