Friday, November 21, 2008

Breath the Universe:

Now you should be sailing into port carried by the tide, effortlessly...exhaling.

time to recharge and set out a few goals for next week toward your long range goals...

Breathing the Universe...

Building the chi

sit stand or lay keeping your arms comfortable free.

Begin with your palms facing each other with fingers outstretched, hands apart.

Can you feel the warmth of the other palm though space?

Now slowly and comfortably inhale and move your hands apart using the elbows.
Feel you are drawing in energy - sparkling energy into every cell of your body.

Exhale slowly and comfortably, bringing hands back close together -not touching as you began.
Feel that the energy is sweeping the stale energy, the toxins out of the cells and back into the universe, to be recycled.
The extra energy you brought in this breath goes into the chi collector just below the navel. This is our battery.

We are like submarines - we need to surface, breath fresh air, and recharge out batteries.

Just remember there is not 'bad energy' just energy in the wrong place. 
Get out the stagnant CO2 rich air and bring in the O2 rich air... the plants like the CO2 and give us the O2 ~
amazing isn't it...

the universe contains all the vitamins and minerals we need, some feel they obsorb enough just from the air, and from a meditative state.

We know we can get the good air in and eliminate bad air and toxins, how much more are we really doing?

Breath the universe.  Re chart your course, and plan out great things for the week end too...

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