Friday, November 28, 2008

Cresent Moon and bright stars to the south west...

OH, What a wonderful few days ahead to view the Shiva Moon ~ a crescent moon +

Venus the evening star &
Jupiter the Santa Star...

With Sag rising on the horizon when I was born in apple country,
Jupiter is the ruler of my chart.

These two great planets are the ones of Increase, Joy, money, and grace...

What a wonderful way to bring in the Advent season.

If you can see them.. view them in the southwestern sky a little after sunset,
as the darker blues of evening covers, pulling the blanket of stars.
Try looking Saturday eve ~ Sunday Eve sunset should be the best time to view, Monday it will have passed ~ though still wonderful to see at Sunset...

This change of time from Day to night or early am from night to day are special times for mediation.
Though difficult to day for commuters. if you can find a comfortable semi deserted parking lot and the way home...

siting comfortably & inwardly silent, observe the change from sunset to moon, and planets brightly shining.
As the moon symbolizes our feminine self or the reflective self or the subconscious self,...
be specially observant of dreams, even day dreams and listen more to feelings rather than thoughts.

& of course Smile a little... :-)

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