Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Release Tension -Quyickly

Would you like to feel much better in just 5 minutes?
how about that short break every couple of hours at you office from that desk?

The simplest is a rebounder, or mini trampoline, just bounce very gently for 5 minutes

Wow!  How can feel so much better?


~you just flushed your inner sewer, your toilet, (What?)
   Yep your lymph system caries away all of the waist from the cells so it can be eliminated.
   When it is blocked you feel crummy, just like a highly cluttered room makes you feel especially when you are receiving more deliveries = where to put it???

another method of this is to heal tap...

place your hands against the wall with your feet out about 2 -3 feet.
gently raise you heals and drop them. do this for 6 - 30 x' s gently.
the bottoms of the feet have connections to all the body (as do you outer ears)
these reflex points will stimulate energy flow to all of the body..

Ok helps your focus
to feel better

get more oxygen in (life flow)

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