Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beat the drums...

Johnny Cash sang "beat the drum slowly, play the fife lowly..." and touched the hearts of his audience. He further made his most popular album at the Folsom Prison, where the experts said it would it would never sell. Listen to the drums on this album...

Drumming is one the oldest and first thing a human does. Give a kid a spoon and few lids see what happens ! Rhythm moves us, captivates the both body and mind.

This is a great focus tool.
You may play on, listen to, or dance with them.
Drum circles are wonderful to create with a collective consciousness.
'Sweat your prayers' in Austin, TX was (is?) a great group of meditative free style dancing and a few drummers.

I hosted a 'Tansen' or a master of sound Swami Nada Brahmananda, a classically trained Indian musician. He could make sound come from his body, even when all openings were sealed by very strong men. He could play very intricate tabla passages for 2ce as long in an air tight box that a monkey could last before it passed out. Samiji was a true master of sound in all it's forms. This mastery took great focus and dedication. One of his teacher go so frustrated with him as a young student that the teacher drove a table tuning hammer into his femur.

I am not that kind of a teacher.
I do hope you are that dedicated of a student.

Now to focus -
play the drum with steady beat, then learn intricate beats. Indian music for example has many more rhythm patterns than Western music.
All this applies to playing any instrument as well.

try this beat one , pause and 2 pause, and 3 pause and 4 do over.
then double it in the same measure of time frame:
1, 2, 3, 4, 1,2,3,4

the double that again, start over...
this is about control and focus.

Another way, play the drum and hum or sing even so the cats run away...
play your heart out, sing this way with great devotion... if you like.

Another path is to just create a rhythm you like, and let it carry you into peaceful meditation, keeping up the drumming.

So beat the drum, enjoy day, be creative...

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