Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Full Moon ~ Expand...

Good Morning Full moon tonight around midnight.
For today and tomorrow:

Go ahead and expand - the full moon make higher tides
we can too...

As sit or lay or stand gently and quietly:
inhale slowly, then exhale slowly maybe for 3 -10 times
to become more peaceful.

then let your breath become very quiet, a little in ~a little out

as you slowly inhale, hold it a little  then feel that you are 1 inch larger in size.

Exhale and come back to normal size.

repeat again this time try a foot larger.

repeat again then try 3 feet larger...

you can play with this and fell you are planetary size or large if would like to expand out that much...

write down your experiences..

Play with this and have fun...

you may even gain some insights .

Cheery day from the Holistic Radio Show .com

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