Monday, November 10, 2008


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

How do you handle it?

If you give something to someone who needs it and can't give it back you, and you give without expectation of it coming back to you,
usually you will feel much better than you did before you gave.

Well we know this. but what about when someone puts you down? Yells at or criticizes you? Especially for their personal gain?

I feel like crud, maybe you do too.

Well a famous swami I studied did what the good book said do good in return for a bad one done to you.

One so called yogi put him down in public because his ego was hurt by this swami's true selflessness:
When seekers came with gifts of fruit they would ask the least around "who is the best swami here? the most holiest? and these meek souls would say Swami Shivananda" that cut down on the fruit gifts to these pompous yogis who keep it for them selves. Swami Shivananda didn't keep any of the fruit ~ he would distribute it all, especially the sick ones.

So when put down verbally in public by the pompous yogis - he just keep quiet. then latter when the Mr pompous yogi was out he would enter his little place and clean it up for him...

So how do you recoil when you are insulted?

so we have a chance to act in a proper manner and we have a chance to react in an appropriate manner the choice is ours. It is always our choice to decide how we feel and think about any subject...

We have to practice and we have to fail, and laugh about it and try again to get it right.

KIV = Keep in view.

what is the outcome that we want?

Once we know this we can make better choices.


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