Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is life tough for you?

It is for many, as their dreams and plans are dashed against the rocks, hidden in the lying surf of politicians, bankers and advertising agencies. But what is new? The Royals have been controlling things for 1000's of years.
View the movie Brave heart if you would like some insight into this. Look at the Movies of the National Treasure series or the raiders of the lost ark or....
you get the idea.

The US was born to be different, a place where the light could shine through inspired leaders and dedicated followers. Our founding fathers put great things into place, even the actual construction of the buildings, cities and the art work decorating them. Listen to the interview on the US Capitol the Temple of Man... read the article with the pictures and meanings....

Thomas Jefferson was amazing, GW was a true leader - yes they got their funding from plantations run by slaves, and yes they may have slept everywhere. But they did warn us about the Bankers and not to let them into this country. It lasted until 1812, that was the end.

Today we are seeing the gread of the Banking industry, stealing the money of American generations to come, and banrupting countries all over the world.

So where do we look for help? the government was never meant for this by our founding fathers and the documents that set up this country. Where did they look for help? Some say UFO's maybe so, beings of light or Angels could be anything. As Tom Moore says in his article of Benevolent Outcomes and in his radio interview, some angels actually take human manifested form for up to 2 hours or longer just to help out...

So where did our founding fathers look? to Angels, to beings of light - I beleive, and they did it well.

So can you... Practice. Ask for your moste benevolent outcome in the form of parking space to buy food or rent a movie - and don't be a pig and grab the handicapped spot either !
practice in little things and you will get to the bigger things.

Love you
enjoy life
enjoy the divine company.

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