Sunday, April 26, 2009

A new old way...

If you read one book this year on any subject, read this one:

'Ishmael' (Ishmael: An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit)
was a circus ape running ads in newspapers and educating us on the difference and collapse of the worlds way of living in harmony and peace for millions, maybe hundreds of millions of years on this blue ball floating in space in a galaxy not to far, far away....

This ape is fiction but his message is not. Have you read it? from Cain & Able on down man has not only managed to help destroy this planet, but also himself, or at least to bolster the money crazed "health Care industry" - rather sick care.

Where is loving peaceful ways of the garden of eden - were they myth? or real?
if you have seen the movie the The Gods Must Be Crazy you will glimpse a real world where until as recently as that movie was made these loving little people lived, played, and died in very peaceful, and very healthy world of the Kalahari.

John Robbins the son of the ice cream empire by that name, found early on that this life style was not not healthy, but needed to know why. In his first book "Diet for New America" in his research John discovered what no one had know before, that the meat industry was killing our planet and us; using to much of our precious water, too much of our land to grow food for animals, and the waist of the animals was contributing too much to global warming - the methane gasses from cow flatulence, and from the manure are green house gasses.

But the biggest thing he discovered is the dying of the human heart to feel compassion, and love for our fellow beings on this earth.

Well I would say read that book if you haven't but first...
If you don't read anyother book this year read
his latest one:

Staying Healthy at 100 - How to get healthy at any age....

You'll discover with him the 3 ancient cultures that out lived us all - Hunza, the Okinawan,
where our modern diseases were unknown like cancer and heart disease.

You will discover two cultures that have existed and thrived for over 50,000 years and right here under our noses - where healthy longevity, harmony and loving peace, and even abundance, are the way of live.

John puts it all into perspective of how to live healthy, right now, in our culture, Holistically -
weigh the right weight for your body automatically, live disease free, and what to do help us all on the blue ball, live peaceful, happy, lives.

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