Friday, March 13, 2009

Super Consciousness or....

Sometimes we over look the obvious because, I feel we are on auto pilot and not 'here' now or just not present...I have driven with knowing the traffic flow, avoided accidents the same way; I have friends who can sleep while they drive with one eye slightly open, others who read books while they drive; one even has driven blind folded while investigating ESP.

This video puts a simple way to live in a daily stressful situation - be more conscious, be more 'present' in reality just plain interest, awareness and commonsense willing to experiment and be patient.

Struggling with the idea of 'Sacrifice' growing up in the Presbyterian church, I over shot the arena to look at, I tried to see how letting me be killed on a cross could help anyone, or how Socrates had to die all he had to do was go live somewhere else.

But, here is a simple example of how 'sacrificing' ones position for just a few seconds can make such a difference for more peace in their lives and helping others at the same time.

The true mark of a leader has been to elevate their underlings over themselves, to let their students go first, to get on board first.... There's a lot here for food for thought. Maybe we would like to find others who feel the same way.

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