Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Full Moon of Enlightenment

Today's full moon is held my by many to be the day that Buddha became enlightened.
The day he realized the truth of all existence.

As Swami Shivananda sang to remind us of the middle path:

eat a little,
drink a little,
meditate a little,
exercise a little,
chant a little,
mix a little,
move a little,

serve a little,
enjoy a little,
do rosary a little, (mala -chant God's name a little)
work a little,
study a little,

the middle way is the way of disciplining our minds.

The easiest of all paths, today is simple remembering God, as many times a possible, daily.
Dedicate everything we do to God is a way remembering.

Swami Shivananda used to bow to everything, to see God in it...
trees, servants, scholars, Dr.'s, Presidents, the road, fish, tigers,
even the porcelain of the sink and toilet. !

meditate on the fullness of the moon, it's color, and it illuminating the darkness on earth...
the darkness of all people, not just the ones we like...

Let the love of the universe enter heart as will.

I've been instructed to 'See God everywhere'
since I love trees, it was natural and easy for me to see God in each leaf, even the blades of Grass, but in the lawn mover?

do I have to???....
we all have our lessons.
Saluting the God or Goddess in you...may you feel it too.... deeply...

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