Saturday, March 14, 2009

Where do you hide spiritual powers?

right out in the open in plain site.
What is a spiritual being?
an Angel right?
a close encounter with an alien being right?
What does Webster say?
spirit - the animating force of the body....

so you are the spiritual being the radiant one the being of light...
How are you hiding? In the simple belief that you are not...

How simple is that? How out in the open is this?
You are hiding in plain site.

and because you are hiding even from yourself, you are hiding the powers that
you innate have.

lets take a few...
the power to be on time..
ya right? that's a power?
well think about it. You have to avoid accidents, have gas in your car, or the airplane has to fuled inspected and a 1000 or so people have to do their jobs to get you or rather help to get you where you are going, on time.
Heck even the weather has to co-operate.
and you think you don't have any powers?

well that's ok just ask your Angels for help... they will. How? now you know...

more on your powers soon.

Please do yourself a favor and take 5 minutes to change your entire life's philosophy, your whole view point, find a good dictionary maybe online. And read the the long definition of spirit...

enjoy, the magnificence of God is more than anyone has realized, except a few. But they are only the way showers for you - you have to see for yourself...

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