Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bees - the Secret Life...

Would you have thought that Bees, hornets, and Wasps would need love?
I have known this from birth; my dad was an entomologist. He would say: just be calm and they don't want to sting you; they don't because a honey bee can sting once - and dies. A hornet or wasp can do so many times - this it does to stun it's prey.

The movie The Secret Life of Bees, brings this point home, so well as Queen Latifa, points out - just love them, and her calming 'presence' in the movie is felt even by the movie viewer. So the Bees must feel it. and they do. Plants do as well, animals too, ask any animal communicator.

So if those around you can feel the peace and presence of your LOVE why don't we put out more of this Love? More often? More frequently? To More People? At More times of the day?
In our Sleep?
In our work place?
well? what do you think?

Love is a spiritual power- some call it 'Universal' Love or 'Unconditional' Love as opposed to I will love you for sex, if you will cook for me - I'll bring home the food... routine.

The masters of some Zen Monasteries do the cooking for they have the best Loving consciousness to put into the food, and hasten their students development.

Why don't we do more ? mostly because we don't believe that we can. Jesus walked away from the angry mobs ready to stone Mary Magdalen: he had the power of peace - more than just words...

The lion laying with them lamb is more than and idea.
My Yoga teacher meditated on the banks of the Ganges river and tigers come and drink even a few yards away from him. They didn't bother him - but they could have... He also slept in a scorpion infested hand hewn rock shelter in the ground. He had developed the power of a mantra over scorpion & snake bits to diffuse their venom.

Love is a power full attitude, or mental state - it is not the romantic love of the Romance Novels, it is real, tangible able to felt by Bees and everyone else. It is a great inner peace, radiating forth as demonstrated so well by Queen Latifa - and this was not just acting.

'You can't fool Mother nature.'

meditate today:
sitting in silence, breath rhythmic, slow, soft, calmed, stomach in and out just a little
~ feel loving peace, like warm sunshine, radiating out to the world - just like the sun.

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