Saturday, January 10, 2009

T Bone...

That might get your attention :-)

well T Boone Pickens does have a Plan
one good one too as far I can tell

We had a power outage here last week for over  7 hours and it was getting cold for Dallas, but around midnight the lights came back on.

We heat with electricity - water and air.
we had neither for the 7 hours

and it got me thinking about how we have our power all tied up with sending our money we need for capital here in the USA to the other oil countries.

Boone's plan is simple just generate it here, use our resources (natural gas) as well - on the road.

This will also create a ton of jobs - a whole lot better than the news is lately.

Click the pic listen to his interview...or rather watch it.....
meditate on the subject of 'supply' today
just sit or lay or ... still; think of the energy of Universe flowing into you;
pay attention to any visions you may see. Journal them..

Cheery Day..

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