Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue Skys...

The Solar wind is upon us. The Auroral oval is over most of the Northern Hemisphere.
You may be able to see the Aurora dancing over your head, as the sun's light drifts off or arrives.

Saturday the sky turned blue from a meteoroid of unknown size hitting  the atmosphere  in the dark eve.
The explosion was reported to be as bright as the full moon.

Once in a blue moon ? do you know this expression? and what it means? It means the 13 full moon of the year.
so it means once a year - but when? It changes constantly as it moves it what seems a chaotic manner.

The blue planet -Pluto has been declared a non planet...but I can tell you it affects me most powerfully.

Where does that leave us?

Friday morning I was getting my hair cut at Michael Motorcycles Hair Salon - Dallas, TX and had the feeling he was moving...
When I got there all were out, he arrived with his Friend and artist 'Elle" after carrying a lot of Tibetan sound bowels  to his car and informed me of the impending move.  The Dance of Fire. Shiva (Nataraja) dances in the circle of the flames of creation. first comes destruction, then the renewal the rebuilding.

There is change all around us; the universe is in constant movement; creation - maintaining - dissolution - creation again.
One romance , live ends, another begins: Samsara 
(Sanskrit: संसार ) the wheel of life and death of the Buddhists and Hindus. Not just the realm of the believers in reincarnation.

We see this all around us - we in the throws of a freezing winter the 'death' part of the natural cycle. Soon Spring comes - buds are already in full bloom - the delight of the hungry bees on some trees here is Dallas, even temps are in the low 30's.
maintenance will come in the summer, then fall and it all starts over again.

so How are you recreating your Dream? your target? maybe you are adjusting your plan. The people you work & live with.
The country is having to adjust it economic plan with a new President.  Weird how the celebration comes on Martin Luther Kings Birthday... Is the dream really here? or is the destruction final?  The whole world seems in chaos ~
if you watch the news. the celbration is only one part of the cycle- they set up for it, held concets for it, it will be, it will have to be cleaned up after. Chaos? ...

It is just another solar storm hitting us.
Many have come before, many will come again; just as the tides rise and fall - some are higher than others.

Tiered of all of this ?

The old yogis wondered what was real... they decided this - that which does not change is real...
The departing monk in spirit form in the last monastery scenes of Little Buddha carry a form of the message.

Beyond the ability of the mind to reason, the emotions to feel, is the observer - you may find yourself, at times in meditation, or watching the bees sip the nectar of spring flowering trees.

The act of creation is the spark of life in action, so is destruction but we arrest people for doing that today. We can't legally even burn our own dead or feed them to the birds and the sky burial of some Native Americans.
Did you see the movie Thunderheart?  A wonderful movie of learning to trust that which is with in you...

who sees the Blue Skies? Who is the one who cares? The one who listens or ignores?
Is it body bound? Or timeless...

Wake up, or sleep and dance...

'I am neither mind nor body
Immortal self I AM,
I am witness of 3 states...
Knowledge absolute'

want the tune?

sing these in your mind as you meditate on them
then sink into the silence - here the silence, tast the silence,
silence is Truth
Silence is peace
It is the Peace that pasthe all understanding...


Then you will be like Blue Shies - observing all the cycles below.
water on a lotus leaf
in the world but not of the world...
a Karma yogi...

My our leaders be such yogis...

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