Sunday, January 11, 2009

Merc Retro again?...OMG

don't fret, today is the day,
see my friend Meso Fine's blog on
How to thrive during Mercury retrograde these 5 weeks with style & class. See '2009 Predictions' for the years retrogrades.

Did you see the Full moon in Dallas, TX last eve? OMG what a spectacle.
Have you seen a moon dog? A paraselene is its scientific name.
This one took up 1/3 of the whole sky -it seemed. Ours was a clear full moon in the middle.
the symbol of consciousness
the eye of God

How are the meditations going? What have you felt, seen - any insights?
do let me know...

Meditate tonight as well. Did any one get a photo last night? they are rear - I will post it if you did.

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