Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Year Celebration - one peice at a time...

I connected yesterday with the 'allness' or oneness of the Universe, with the Tesla Lights.
I realize today this the appropriate way to celebrate day 1 of 15 of the Chinese New Year.

See my friends blog - 8 Beams for the description of the these 15 days. Today seems to be a grand time to meditate on the animals - dogs in particular. Can you meditate on your dog?

Try it and see. My English Pointer named 'Luke lap walker' loved to run off into the Santa Fe mountains as I lay in my hammock meditating - or sometimes just sleeping. When I was ready to go - I whistle and yell my head off. no dog. no Luke.
the first time I spent about 45 minutes and gave up. I surrendered and said look ( in silent inner meditation) I have to go now. God bless you on your path, if you want to go with me, you need to be at the car now.

I walked over to the car -about 4 minutes away, and Luke joined me.
I really was thankful that we could communicate - especially in the heart center.
Luke and I danced together for 5 years. He would wake me up by his whining in the middle of the night to get outside, until I learned he didn't do this when I was on a trip. So I got ear plugs.

He loved to run along side my tan small cab Toyota pickup truck for about 3 miles at 25 miles an hour. - What a dog...
This was in Santa Fe - where there are plenty of cactus types there too. The only ones that would bother him -and me having to pull them out of his paws was the Cholla or jumping cholla, beautiful flowers, horribly grabbing crossing barbs...

I honor my wonderful friend Luke... on this 2nd day of the Chinese New Year.
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