Friday, January 30, 2009

Give to Receive...

This one of the Foundations of most religions, and moral systems.
It is most important to day with Moon in Pieces ,
and by chance(?) it the 5 day of the Chinese New Year - to stay in an greet your wealth.

Give? today one needs to Give a gift to others - just to listen, to forget their own position & circumstances, and give the gift of 'presence' of focus to another. Let them talk, you only listen.
Or talk enough to ask appropriate questions to show your interest, concern, and understanding of what they have said. Let them feel your presence - your gift to them.

Most of us want to talk out our stand points, our problems, our troubles... not today - best is never... but not today. When we truly drop our troubles by developing sincere interest in another, magic happens inside of us. We gain an inner glow and inner feeling we cannot get any other way.

So give this gift today - keep your mouth shut. and :
you will receive ! how can you receive when you are too busy pouring out our guts you are off in some other time and place and not present.
Act in the Present - is anyone threatening your life right now? Probably not-- so don't act like it or complain like it. Most of time in the Present 'Here an now' it is peaceful, pleasant and comfortable - so act like it is...
talk like it is
be thankful it is...
if it isn't get out of the house on fire
call 911
use your first aid course to advantage
take the appropriate action in the here and now...

so today give of you ears but don't be taken off you course.
You have the right to your life.

Others will try to steal your attention in a million ways.
The want you to listen to their troubles - but just to bitch - not to do anything about getting ahead - run away from them.
TV with adds, turn it off...

The moral is KIV - do your duty - fill you spot - do your job - and let others do theirs.
The coffee bar in the office is not the place to get work done.
The golf game can wait til you are on the 'T'
The kids will be there when you get home.
on and on we like to waste time as - it is our habit-
can we create a better habit - you decide.

Take your time to help those who are helping themselves.
here's a great article I posted out taking your positive position in the world.

Cheery Day
be you - the real you

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