Tuesday, January 6, 2009

the Red Path...

I am not qualified
to really advise anyone on this Path
as I haven't walked it this life time.
I have lived with an Native American medicine woman
for 8 years and I understand her ways...She did not use drugs...
I have people who use drugs namely -they think marijuana to be harmless -
so I feel the need to write my views, observations, conclusions.

Simple No Drugs...
Swami Shivananda was a medical man before he left society
to live as a monk and seek out liberation.

He published a periodical on home medicine that included herbs
mainly kitchen herbs like garlic, turmeric, ginger root etc., etc,
colored water charged with sunlight, hygiene, sunlight...
Simple things. but not drugs...

I won't even take aspirin ~ but I did take ibuprofen when I had a tooth extracted for about a week. I use Arnica cream on sore knees and in two days -wow...pain gone. Homeopathic, and cell salts, and herbs. Hydrotherapy the cold - hot water alternation - wonderful...
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Marijuana maybe dying in bed with cancer to relieve the pain..
but i see this as too little too late.
on my radio show you can find links and my interview on getting rid of cancer, before it becomes clinical, after words, during chemo and ...
you don't need Marijuana - but you may be addicted to its mental numbness it brings on...

It is like a cell phone while driving for those who use it and think it has no harm. A lady laughing on the cell phone in front of Kroger's cross walk with two other cars coming at her stopped, ran right on by 2 senior ladies and me trying to cross the cross walk yield area to get to our cars.

I see many on cells in cars that are like robots just following the car ahead,
some at correct distance some not, some slower than traffic, but...all of 'em can't drive as effectively as they do when they focus on driving...

My personal advise is:
drink and stay alive at home or in a cab,
cell phones on the side of the road only,
drugs and stay in the woods...

Why? I have wonderful seerer friends of many paths...
they all have mentioned that even the lowly marijuana smoke
puts black holes into your aura.; easy for critters to get into...

Red Path if you choose to do peyote buttons for enlightenment do it with a qualified medicine man in the lodge or Kiva, or vision quest in the woods.
Not on the streets.
Dallas now has passed no cell phones in school zones.

Focus is effective life.
Drugs may heal....
Drugs can kill... your consciousness.

If life is for focus -why use a drug to cover up the underlying problem.
This is similar to busting the 'check engine light' if it comes on because you can't the time or money to get it fixed.

Altered states of mind through sex, a great night out, etc., etc. are sought after to be replicated.
Please try to get sober and clear headed, you can do it.
no short cuts..

Hey there is also nothing 'wrong' with being an addict say even to heroin.
I believe one can waist say 100 or 1000 life times this way. But at some point even Johnny Cash came to conclusion there must be something more than this. I wish Jim Morrison had this attitude ~ I really miss the old doors music.

To find the powers that we all do have latent with in us like, ability to create Peace around us. Stop scorpion and snake bites 'on' the skin, even float in the air like Milarepa did to sleep - (cheaper than the sleep # bed)
and more...

leave drugs in the gutter...
Or go find A Yaquis medicine man, to walk the Red Path...
Drugs are a valid path from the many forms of yoga -
I and the masters know this.
so is gaining the control over the elemental beings and commanding them
to do your bidding - like conquer your enemy etc.
but Swami Shivananda did not care for this path.
He didn't even eat fish...

a great British Captain came to fish one day in Ganges near the Ashram in Rishikesh.
Master sent a messenger to please gently inform the Captain that It was his wish that these fish not be caught as were considered Holy. Captain please go upstream to fish... so he did... caught nothing...
On his way back through the Ashram he asked for the messenger
to deliver his message to Master Shivananda:
"I see your Master's wishes are more powerful than my Commands"

My advise is not use drugs for recreational use, nor consciousness use.
And if you are already a master not to use them...
as you set the example for others to follow - who only mimic like a parrot.
not to study as you did.

Shiva could drink the poison – but can you?

Can your followers?


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