Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moon in Pisces...

Smile more and give more room to others. Be more tolerant and more forgiving today and Friday.
The Moon travels with the Fish, in this watery world things are less clear and emotions tend to be on edge ~ people a little more sensitive. So good days just others be themselves, you honor them, by listening - but especially if anyway you can - keep your feelings to yourself.

Best today if you can be the counselor, the therapist, use your ears and not your mouth. This will take lots of Vigilance, as may will want to share their own feeling, hurts etc., etc., let them - be detached.

Meditate today on your dreams - and on your 'feelings' you inner knowing... Tap into the inner creative 'you'

Cheery Day...
Smiles a little more today...

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