Saturday, January 31, 2009

In Review...

Mercury goes direct today
 ~ I had a good review -- did you?

I redid many pages of the web site, reorganized the overall plan, and played with new header designs.  This entailed a few online classes to get it all straight.

Made some adjustments in my relationships to bring them more in harmony with my inner growth.

This was quite a lot actually for Mercury retrograde. We had a lot of movement in the planets as well - Jupiter - my ruler, went into My Sun Sign - Aquarius. You can read all about this and what it may mean for you too.

Meditation puts pressure on the junk that may have been swept under the psychic carpet.  Like a clean stream -- when stirred brings up lots of 'stuff', then the flowing water washes it away -- clean again-- stir some more-- repeat.

Another view of this is that the mind calmed an focused by meditation is like a laser beam of light, which when focused on a subject illuminates it in holographic detail. This Holistic view of our selves takes immense honesty, and courage, as this divine inner light  cuts through all the societal programming in what is by nature true to the individual soul taking this journey into themselves.

So, the moral is if you don't want to know - don't ask - or if you do want to know and ask - be patient for the answer -- it is not like the lie of an aspirin or alka-seltzer commercial-- it takes the time it takes.

Actually in mediation you access a timeless state of being for ideas and creation of visions, dreams and goals - are timeless.  You may have been working on a particular vision or dream for billions of years - but to an immortal self - just another day in the garden.  From this point of view centuries are like minutes are to us. Time is beyond our comprehension.

Ask if you have the guts and you really want to know.

Mercury retrograde for me acts like a check on my shoe laces -- I retake the time to make sure they are tied -- if not I retie them or maybe take 'time' for new pair of shoes.

Lets move ahead.
Hoping your meditation laser is on-- working -- useful...

Cheery Day

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