Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And all my relatives...

This 3rd day of the Chinese new year as Meso Fine reports, is to honor the in-laws.
My way, I picked up living for 17 years in the New Mexico Mountains of the Santa Fe area, is to honor all my relatives...

A wonderful Indian Medicine man living in Bernalillo, the town just north of Albuquerque, finished all of his meditations and healing ceremonies and sweat lodge prayers with this phrase blessing all his relatives:
'And all my relatives" he mean,t and frequently stated, the no legged, the mutlti- legged, the 2 legged, and the 4 legged. I took this to mean all the creatures that lived in the area of his home: snakes, insects, spiders, millipedes, birds, humans- friends & relatives, cows - deer - antelope - bear - etc., etc.,

So today I am investing so time remembering with thankfulness all of the creatures that live around me.
Even the Armadillo - I still want to see him, running live. I know he's there, by friends reports.
but I just haven't seen him as yet. Not yet today either as the ice in Dallas even has the blue & yellow pansies with Ice hats - the sun is helping them raise their heads...

Blessing to you on this day - and to Dallas, the USA, the planet,

"All my relatives"

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